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I’m thinking highly of this perfect *genotype.

It is the Irish bred, French trained 4 year old colt by name of Persian King (IRE). Persian King by Kingman (Invincible Spirit) from Pretty Please by Dylan Thomas (Danehill) winner of the G.1 Prix d’ Ishapan, 2020.

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We see, Persian King’s geno-pedigree, fixes 2x Sharpen Up f.f. 5i (Diesis & Kris) to the building ‘up’ bloodline per distaff infused Rahy & Roberto f.f.12c.

Having long encouraged, asserting modern-type racing individuals take type at identified strains/traits that not only strongly impact the breeding program but provide the consistency, to enduring ability.

Those strains clearly are re-generational typology. Its the potency, its action…

how beautiful Persian King is to see in action

the force of nature, once on track, gallops with almost surprising lightness for such a model, led by his great and beautiful action. credit source FB page Jour de Galop

Reference * prior articles…( principle – to identify what drives desired prototype)

5-i, the diverse trait

1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II

1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean

where is…Roberto!

Collectively, those above are genetic frameworks that hold earliest, purest constitutional running heart of the racehorse.

Further note the pedigree to Irish bred, G.1. winner Serpentine (Galileo). It another in-bred dam to Sharpen Up. With non inclusion to Roberto or of  the families to f.f.12c (these strains are relevant much further back) it is where pedigree tables can complex an obscure genetic prowess to formative, evolutionary relationship(s). 

The dynasty of Galileo as sire has Here, There, Everywhere depth potency. Very cliche, yet 36x’s to St Simon alongside desired progenitors of great importance plainly deliver classic European champions.

(sidenote if interested to reading further St Simon ‘depths’, refer these articles Bring it on…Max and Waldgeist, the prodigious sire

– making ‘champions’ is never 1+1+1+1+1 but the ‘swelling’ wave of attributes, planning ahead the bloodline to peak.


More ‘info’ here → https://www.racingpost.com/news/persian-kings-rejuvenation-continues-with-smooth-group-1-success/442981