TBL tootled off to our local track. Check out horses, check out racing folk and with some feverish optimism, ably find that horse which walks its own, & pleasure one’s eye.

Too late for first race of 2 year olds, we studied the racebook with glum coffee. Next race prospects ??? running a Maiden and did wonder how an early staying prospect can get up on 1000 metres?

Of entries, 2 horses grabbed my studious attention and as it happened, 1 of these went scratched, so bucks went down on the other, a Sacred Falls filly.

Genotype = Phenotype, right?!

– Liking her phenotype, it measured a racehorse and past assessments to the tragic, deceased young sire Sacred Falls; his pedigree (to ancestral & inherit factors) I gave to her an even higher, high-five. eureka



Whoopee – it was great to see her win.


Few years back, TBL had strong hunches Sacred Falls progeny would be clean, strong – very specifically  bred…..

– formerly we had chosen a Ready to Run 2 year individual but nope…client was not  convinced to my claim.

– seems I’ll never be a salesman. (wink)

fools n horses

That particularly R2R pick…Sacred Falls, from a dam family as same belonging to Te Akau Shark – to the distaff fabulous female family of 5-i. The high-quality trait, which champions much of our favored, analytical workings going about tuning & turning quality genetics.

..that TBL punt of the day!! – the 3 year old Sacred Falls filly from Mayon (by Don Eduardo) does not carry in-bred individuals and her dam, grand-dam and great grand-dam where each breeding stock non-raced. Hmmm….theories??

But would you believe… *ol’ inheritance, the stalwarts stand strong. Seek n’ find. (nb. Very long research complex, the understanding too….where this dam’s 6-d family has multiples back-in X-factors, but what IS extremely intriguing where evolutionary female line belongs to MISS BELVOIR, aka Cabbage-arsed Mare. Her great grand-daughter Sister to Juno is the Dam of Diomed, the male bloodline to American turf racing. Kiss that arse, kiss the mitchondrial DNA, …..

As horses go…. Time breeding (patience) provides the schedule where genetics ripen, they meet, they make potency.

It is to appraise the genuine female families (as strains) that they merit the sire’s pedigree & as to structure or attune the layering ‘into’ the modern-bred genotype. 3 Steps there….

Naturally, significantly leading female families to both sire with broodmare play decisive on Potent clustering ones.

…if you pursue Sacred Falls…then its the female family 8-f that nicely nicks in….Boom!

– the f.f.8f individuals identified : Relic – Raise a Native – Blue Larkspur – Nijinsky.

And, should you ever pursue heritages, then dig deep, to reference https://www.pedigreequery.com/remembrancer+mare  and just note evolutionary strains within.

– on my TBL bucket list – the wishful thinker (wink) should anyone spot ‘the One’ by Sacred Falls by A broodmare, her carrying 2x Vain →Court Martial, it must surely be a stand-out prospect.

how, why…..

It starts here →… Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree plus, Hanseatic (AUS) – Black Caviar female family

the weave of a loom is stronger –  1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II

Understand the depth, Understand the genetics, Understand the pattern. Exploit potency.


see you at the races