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The horse that is Max. He is an intriguing well-bred individual and we shall review his rich genotype pattern. The breeding – Maximum Security (USA) by New Year’s Day (Street Cry) from dam, Lil Indy by Anasheed.

Maximum Security – The Racehorse robust where his athleticism brings beauty, courage, willpower – the raw aptitude to master any other. Not an ineligible racehorse at all!

 –  Max’your heart is free, have the courage to follow it (Braveheart)

Undoubtedly his future♥ shall bring so much more to that gripping, & breathtaking winning style. Let’s see what gets the champion pedigree. The graciously bred, as from his sire & broodmare sire, these brushed aside stallions. (wink)

Maximum Security dam line, hails from the exalted matriarch Chelandry to the female family 1-N.

Exploring MS genotype, interplay the angles, crosses & fusions, these depths covering 10 Generations. Primarily determined through St. Simon !! (n.b. ***refer below the overview exercise to cover 10 generational Span)

Machiavellian – 45x’s St. Simon
Helen Street – 56 x’s St. Simon
Dixie Union – 32 x’s St. Simon, 21x’s Fair Play
General Jeanne – 25 x’s St. Simon, 18x’s Spearmint
AP Indy – 39x’s St. Simon
Flagbird – 54x’s St. Simon, 26 x’s Canterbury Pilgrim
Cresta Rider- 36x’s St Simon, 32 x’s Hermit
Rugosa – 34 x’s Stockwell, 25 x’s Newminister


The Imperial St Simon of an overreaching mass but especially do peruse the modern-type potency. Check through these ‘trait’ peculiarities (those which I dearly champion for good reason!). 

5-i, the diverse trait via Machiavellian (→Hoist the Flag) & Anasheed (→Hoist the Flag)


Probe them deep, what gains ancestral directive lines, those infused upon female principle distaff. Notice this to the Chelandry bloodline.  They are Rosicrucian from Madame Egletine and Sunstar (by Sundridge) , the two are f.f. 5.i.

It is not to tie over as straight-line pedigree workings: it is to pierce and appreciate genetics permeate the Structure, a comprehension (if you like) to the crafting of breeding.

Up and Down the analyzing to pedigree…where broodmare sires are considered pivotal and to MS, address his broodmare sire Anasheed (AP Indy).


Anasheed genetics are pretty much running on blue hen La Troienne (female family 1-x) via dam Flagbird distaff + Buckpasser + Jet Action (by Jet Pilot) + Poker (by Round Table)

Anasheed was exported to Russia in 2010.

MS’s sire, New Year’s Day also kinda vexed as non-appealing, thus it dealt his final US breeding season only to cover 25 mares. New Year’s Day sold-off to Brazil. Come 2019 he went on-sold to Japan (Shadai Stallion Station). Hmmm….

New Year’s Day grand-dam sire Honour and Glory (Relaunch) carries twice La Troienne through sires, The Axe and Francis S.

– Honour and Glory also inbred to Turn-To and impacts (6sx9Dx6Dx6d) via Machiavellian/Halo & Mr Leader.

Another highlight to broodmare sire Anasheed is 3 year old colt, by the name Shivaree (USA) and the La Troienne pattern echoes once again.

Shivaree was 2nd to Tiz the Law in the Florida Derby G. 1.

     – Shivaree by sire, Awesome of Course (let’s note, f.f. 1-x!!) from Garter Belt to 4th dam sire Anticipating (USA) from ⇒ La Troienne, female family 1-x.  Boom! – its where you want these patterns of genetics to run…


Its the Fundamentals: refining a perfect pedigree is How those are pointed and ‘keyed’ to those essential individuals with Greater phylogenetic influences to the modern bred.

Considered factors to breeding racehorses can and will ascend through the superior conduit inheritance pattern; ‘squared’ to family evolutionary relationship. Certain strains of parent-stock of the Thoroughbred are preternatural.

–  genotype relationship – both ancestral and synergistic upon the present generation and comparing phylogenetic clustering strongly suggests and plays the major keys.

***The phylogenetics  cluster group(s) where mapped scientifically via ancestry; domesticated selective breeding have evolutionary adaption as genetic (mutation) drifts. These estimated to a mean generation interval of 11.36 years.

***To survey genotype to a span towards 11-12 generations reveals potential consolidated individuals – the potent conduits go determined.

The span – via familial breeding (distaff) heads to source – provide mitochondrial DNA potential. Thus the blueprint is to appreciate matrilineal factors: to refine ‘collective’ bloodline females. They are what might reproduce the productive, the Potential.

The ancestry shall shape  & regenerate along those lines, like La Troienne.


Sunny side up


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