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“Chautauqua – he’s flying….Can he do it – “YES”

No racing enthusiast can tire of watching footage to the Australian grey gelding “The Grey Flash”.

Chautauqua inspired anyone with a racing soul – his name blazes sprinting like the panther on his prey.

Chautauqua ran from the back. Swish, a staggering velocity charge and with precision, he knew how to win.

6 Group 1 wins and three successive TJ Smith Stakes wins, in same spectacular fashion, the impossible last to an impossible, breathtaking win.

The extraordinary intelligence of the dramatic Chautauqua as cannily accompanied, by the laid-back temperament – to his disheartened appetite to achieve more high-class racing.

With several attempts to refresh, the Australian gelding made terms retire.

So where did his genetic roots to be devilish fast, emerge?

Chautauqua (AUS) by Encosta de Lago from Lovely Jubly (AUS) by Lion-Hunter (AUS). D.P. 16-16-22-0-2 (56).

 Assigned to the female family 8-k,  DNA profile: mtDNA-L3alb, it is designated to an ancestral mare from Emperor of Stallions Stockwell. 

The colonial bloodline continues/descends through the distaff, Miss Delaval (NZ).

A genotype pedigree of speed, it is all pre-determined.

For a student of pedigree the Chautauqua pedigree is Principally by inherited collective mass; female family 9c strain-nucleus through and via Fair Trial (aka Lady Juror) Royal Charger (Sun Princess), Nasrullah (Mumtaz Begum). Plus more importantly, notice where viewed & picked-up, through those sire’s direct maternal descendant via same family bloodline, to distaff infusion. i.e. extended bloodline

Look closely at these interlocking and close family members.

https://www.pedigreequery.com/nasrullah f.f.9c i.e. Sainfoin/Sundridge
https://www.pedigreequery.com/royal+charger f.f.9c i.e. Sainfoin/2x Sundridge
https://www.pedigreequery.com/fair+trial f.f. 9c i.e. Sainfoin/Sundridge
Reflect the champion flying filly – https://www.pedigreequery.com/petite+etoile f.f.9c i.e. 2x Lady Josephine/Sundridge

( These genetic contributors and composite genetic cousins are race horse sprinter complete. Assert them by family tables to the collective rather than treated as separate components.

Interestingly – the great New Zealand bred mare Leilana, also of Chautauqua’s f.f. 8k, she by sire Onicidium from Lei by Summertime) inflicts an almost, similar replica of genetic frame-work. Namely through 6x to Sundridge (grand-dam Sanda) via, the notable French sire Pherozshah (f.f.9c Mumtaz Mahal) & Solario.

Leilana was 1973/74 champion 3 year old filly and 1974/75 Champion Racehorse of the Year in Australia.


Much alike…another high-quality champ of Australian racing – Leica Lover (f.f.8k) by Latin Lover from Miss Valeicia, noting 4×5 Hurry On from dam Tout Suite by Sainfoin from dam, Sanda.

Add in, the grand-dams sire Leica→Panorama→→Sundridge. Reference also Ribot’s dam, Romanella in-bred to Sunstar (Sundridge) & Rock Sand/Sainfoin (dam, Sanda)

It is important to well acquaint oneself upon these pre-determined deistic patterns.


@ social distance

The charismatic Chautauqua is settling very well to his new equestrian career.


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