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Its the Learning, over and over… what genotype unravels ‘truest’, to tear fearlessly through every finest individual.

– to find layman explanation, where/how superior pedigrees fire the way they do, to produce ‘unexpected’ latency to the high-performing individual.  

Science/genomics has greatly escalated.  There is CC speed, CT middle-distance, TT stayer, Y-Herod, and motivational (gait-keeper) genes. Take its sci-business – research/test what your individual horse has or not, and thus train accordingly. Wow!

Mitchondrial DNA halotype data-base, continues to challenge stud-book identity. It benefits and remodels, forcing the thoroughbred frontiers to the new. We gain some better appreciation, to what maybe happening per breeding successfully.

Meanwhile…. for boutique-breeders left to work on small budgets and with Nature’s providence, requirements to genuine breeding is, as always, ‘doing the homework’.

I listen to folks and though may be confused?… the desire to stoke pedigree fire has these days lesser appeal. Where folk project 4 legs head n’ tail hybrid thoroughbred without addressing not depth but ‘fit’ relevancy at purpose, phenotype strains.

Your lesson is to Seek what particular trait fires not speed alone, but the transfer ‘aptitude of ultimate expression’!

(IMO) its not only appreciating the Stockwell, Pocahontas, St Simon ancestries but where will ‘memory’ ancestral conduits follow, to arouse?  It is not alone, by linear finger-tracing at the pedigree: it is by scouting out few, modern ‘catalyst’ trait carriers which provides the key to spatial relationship, to its underlying structural formulate.

Indeed this, the long exercise complexity to an inexact science etc and some things (maybe) are of a crystal ball……(wink)

... its emphatically evident (to myself) there are bare few, perfecting ‘band’ of DNA traits to keep re-emerging their dynastic latent potency, to Influence. But, as ‘they’ want. Human expectation is a terrible thing to expect each/every mating has a successful individual. Mendel, and  Punnett Square certainly applies. Further, it is never entertained Nature simply conserves, not exploits, thus a natural retrogression exists. And, this is where we are Now it seems….

Sermon over…..

Its the very traits, strains, through the individuals, what has them fit for the environment they are bred for. I say this because individual environments (countries and climate) somewhat differ in practice: terms of horse development (age), pre-training developments, sale and racing ownership, to racing program.

Strains n’ traits they are never so simply outright obvious, by the immediate sire/mare but clues are …..   “The catalyst lays in the soft zones, 5th – 7th generation to the exceptional genetic ‘catalyst’ via, the individuals paternal broodmare sire, merged over maternal broodmare sire and Inclusive of grand-maternal sire”. JSB

The trick to pinpoint such conduits, then build the breed, the breeding.


STORM CAT (line)

Before presenting Storm Cat….. sight Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one (see diagrams) how affinity to bloodline relationships keep diving back to ‘same’ quality  prototype.

Read again: affinity to bloodline relationships keep diving back to ‘same’ quality.

With admiration, due credit to Ken McLean, he prophetically sighted: (Designing Speed in the Racehorse) to his work, how researching compatible strains what give major contribution to quick-maturing speed.

…it may not be well known, Federico Tesio, strongly pursued stallions and mares with Tracery to the pedigree. Why would he do so…? Connect another immortal, Man O’ War, a similar conduit explosive to Tracery and presto, the MATERNAL TRAIT.

Tracery (1909) by Rock Sand by Sainfoin, from dam Sanda

Man O War, his dam by Rock Sand by Sainfoin, from dam Sanda

further, Phalaris from dam Bromus by Sainfoin, from dam Sanda

Hurry On from dam Tout Suite by Sainfoin

*Sanda, possessed 37 strains to HEROD.

Sainfoin (from Sanda) – his full sister Sierra, the dam of Sundridge.

(also interesting where Sundridge factoring is highly noted to successful quarter-horse breeding).

Oddly, and according to Australian writer, Ken McLean – Sainfoin (as the progenitor to speed) , went largely un-noticed by England’s bloodstock writers and was poorly patronized by breeders. Yet, he was beautiful – well-balanced, smallish and a chestnut. (see photo)

Remarkably he never led the Sires List yet ending up a very successful broodmare sire and of course through Rock Sand, became a distinguishing sire in his own right.

These are the KEYS, the patient breeder can believe –  ‘how’, ‘why’ and where the attention lays, to such important, intricate detail, and for readers to appreciate ‘bloodline speed prototypes’ still and naturally hold out for today’s bred.

BUT – Speed alone, comes broadly perceived/projected/ marketed as competitive, competent breeding to ‘get’ the individual. What speed really means is ‘tempo’ at pace to its endurance to the distance. Perfect.

That speed gene as reliability, is a falsity. It is re-setting the pedigree (at best) for persuading mit.DNA halotypes genetics to maintain homozygous character with aiming also tricking or off-setting epistatic i.e. activating/de-activating masked genes (which is why a diligence delivers back at approx. 5th remove, to beyond).

*prepotency: The ability of one parent to impress its hereditary characters to its progeny because it has more homozygous, dominant or epistatic (i.e.masking) genes. One parent, is prepotent, when it consistently outperforms its partner in transmitting critical racing characteristics. 

  • Epistatic is similar to dominance, except that (unlike dominance) the relationship has non-allelic genes. So a sire homozygous for one or more epistatic genes will produce a certain given trait or traits markedly in his off-spring (reference source, horse-genetics.com/horse genetics

Whilst I can imagine TBL audiences gasp  – the Albert Einstein quote – Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better”

All things return to Nature – that is, primordial order is Natures chemistry & Principle infinite is the stuff of the ‘atom’ .  Upon the subject of mit.DNA haloptype an on-line source http://www.primordiality.com (site, no longer available): to gene decoding @ atomic level and gene sequencing “most types of atoms are capable of molecular attraction. The atoms that are capable of forming organic molecules are of the greatest available number.The natural course of molecular bonding is that not only are the most atoms capable of uniting but that an INHERENT PLAN of seeking out other atoms of a similar capability actually exists within the outer ring electron structure of all atoms, so capable of uniting Primordial Order.

Not too much science way back to Bruce Lowe’s family tabulations day,  but only observatory Mother Nature: “It is a recognized axiom with both physiologists and practical breeders of all kinds of stock, that the value any family is mainly in proportion to the purity of its origin” – Bruce Lowe, Breeding Racehorses by the Figure System

The Conduit Principle, as assigned to Storm Cat where core-genetic legacy carries/trans mutates/catalyst ON thru his mare Crimson Saint, to her sire Crimson Satan from Bolero Rose by Bolero – these elevate a genetic escalator to the quality, of speed.

We learn: Storm Cat was america’s leading sire of two-year olds for 7 times!! His mare Crimson Saint possessed raw, fire speed with ideal physical conformation. Her sire, Crimson Satan, attributed for precocity and speed. Bolero, a chestnut and dynamic for setting two world records, hence, noted to his inbreeding to Rock Sand by Sainfoin

*Latest potential – the exciting USA Godolphin colt  Maxfield (by Street Sense (Street Cry/Machiavellian) from Velvety (ex-Bernardini) to grand-dam sire STORM CAT.  View, Velvety’s 5th dam Finance (by Nasrullah → Sundridge from Busanda (War Admiral/Man O’ War → Rock Sand/Sainfoin. To Velvety grand-dam sire Blue Larkspur (North Star/Sunstar →Sundridge

Storm Cat, his dam Terlingua from Crimson Saint & Royal Academy he from dam Crimson Saint.

Royal Academy, the sire of Australia’s Bel Espirit sire of Australia’s unbeaten beauty, champion sprinter,Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree

Crimson Saint by Crimson Satan of the family 26. The Argentina line, known for fleet footed, sprinting. It gets very cool when we discover Crimson Satan ancestral dam goes by a name of Cypron. Cypron is the dam of HEROD. Hello?


***Further breeding facts: Cypron/Herod the female family 26 as is same, Solario (ff.26) his dam, Sun Worship by Sundridge.

Royal Charger’s dam Sun Princess is twice inbred to Sundridge (Sierra) with his sire, Nearco also with the Sainfoin/Sierra strain, via Nearco’s grandsire Phalaris.

Nasrullah – Nearco/Phalaris →Sainfoin/Sierra, his dam Mumtaz Begum, 3rd dam by Sundridge



(post note) – for animal welfare supporters. TBL does not support ‘numbers’ breeding and its effects. Racing International pattern programs are, as ‘set’, to early maturing speed individuals, to which it is responsible to and for. Breeding responsibly or Conservation in Breeding is what TBL advocates. Thank you.

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