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A name to watch ….a 2 classy year old colt Castelvecchio –  Dundeel (NZ) ex- St Therese from Dehere (USA) winning in breathtaking fashion the (Australia) 2019 Inglis Millennium 1200m sprint.

To the sire of Castelvecchio – there comes a ‘soft spot’ as known formerly ‘It’s a Dundeel’ to his New Zealand and Australia racing days.

It was then, a strong hunch for TBL, that he is a very smart stallion. From the Sadlers Wells/Zabeel cross (to be exact the female family link (f.f. 5-h) via Special (USA).

Yes, its those tremendous blood lines which add that ol’ tough honest quality via Dundeel’s dam Luskin Star (AUS)/Star Kingdom (IRE), Wilkes/Court Martial, Right Royal (FR), Honeyway (GB), Djebel/Tourbillon/Ksar.



Of…Castelvecchio’s dam, St Therese ( also dam of Maid of Heaven (Smart Missile (AUS), 2018 G.1 winner) herself, a modest stakes winning mare, holds the genetics goodies via 4th dam, Flash in the Pan (AUS) inbred to 2x Sunstar by Sundridge.


This is THE ‘where’…. superior champions arise, to evolve, as TBL explores a-definition-to-traits which transcend breeding beyond ordinary.

What sights Castelvecchio’s raw competitive dominance on track, one just kinda hunches that its The One. The one distinctive trait which sits atop of the speed-sprint genetic pyramid.

In much earlier years, TBL read all the old, great stuff and this one liner stuck – “all things return to purity, its origin”.

We can thank Winx for epitomizing so much more than what normally meets pedigree.

Our continual gaze at her: Michelangelo phenotype genetics; elements to tempo/gait, muscular skeleton frame, a capacity ‘perfection’ outer and inner, holds the thoroughbred wizardry that breeders should deeply and significantly grasp at – the Trait-to-Gait for energy and efficiency.

The ‘new’ bred and a perfect prototype thoroughbred absolute for its majestic purpose.

It is by understanding, identifiying and viewing various hot blood breeds and cold blood breeds to – what distinguished these where ‘gait’ & the ‘bred’ function of breed.

Enter the Thoroughbred: a hybrid pool, numerous breeds, unknown ‘formative’ strains, (though we forget otherwise) and find critical discernment to the musco-skeleton frame to ‘walk’ with fleet 4 hooves.

Keep with an on-going physical check to genotype pedigree analysis – champions come special,  ‘echoing’ one illuminating strain filtering through the generations of descendants.

>Sundridge – Lady Jospephine, Lady Juror, Mumtaz Mahal, Stardust (GB), Sunstar (GB), Solario (IRE), Sun Briar (FR) and Nasrullah.

Within genotype to the individual… there is only really the Performance. It is placed upon individuals phenotype to carry out ‘exact’ action with an unequalled balance and rhythm: an efficiency towards muscle energy which coils, recoils, has meta-mechanical precision beyond, to allow its winning advantage ease.

Symmetrical balance is the order – the desirable factor, the desirable goal.

Indeed it gets more obvious..and again how the horses legs work/move/strike/lift upon ground, is in the entire fluid action, muscular-skeleton structure: the physics perfectly balance a ‘time’ co-ordinated to its motion and energy.

Think very deeply what broodmare traits are representing, transpiring, emerging – this is the breeders MO.


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