A curious tweet from a renowned bloodstock consultant made reference to high priced ‘Inglis’ yearling purchases (now 3 year olds) – to their entry in a NZ$10K maiden.

Yes, they’re still maidens.

Though very high profiled stallions, we could say their pedigrees appear ‘correct’: the supposition is hmmm, well-bred. You know how it goes…..(wink).

Let the critic enter….

Of course (when we ‘talk’ pedigrees) it is so very easy to evaluate where ‘fault’ is: just as where ‘success’ came (in hindsight).

Of under performing horses, we all suppose they had a chance. Its almost a back-handed blame, to every horse, for its lack of ability to run.

Over the week, I’m reviewing ready-to-run pedigrees, times, gaits the optimal ideas of what is x-facto and race able. I’m also thinkin’ from my attendance at a Liberty horse workshop. We came to learn about horses brain, movement as energy, behaviours of own and towards, back at human feed-back.

Its their language. Not ours.

I learnt all new bits of horse, which I never thought existed.

It was my new level of awareness which aroused how might our mainstream ‘habitual’ expectations create ill-judged belief towards programmes & time-frizzled infrastructure with imbalances, unfortunates and end-results – a horse problem called wastage.

Though I support rehabilitation of ex-racehorses these well-meaning recovery programs take a sort of warm-fuzzy… to project/maintain we can continue the well-bred, manage selective breeding and of course, the horses welfare itself.

I went visiting our new foal and broodmare with added curiosity of other mares and foals – their health, their recovery.

I was aware with some renewed responsibility of what breeding brings – generating that future athletic, with passionate consideration as a fellow sentient being.

I’m thinkin’… sensible breeding for conservation. How (?) and why decisions are made.

Off-side comment, I was told it was not really that common to be (as owner) conscientious of a horse’s inherent well-being.

In my own case, time, effort, research, money, a mating to address the mares weakness; light-bone with RS back slight turned out foot. Plus, to reinforce her genotype strengths by preferred female families.

The sire complemented her bloodlines exceedingly well. We’re thankful the foaling went easy – a robust filly. Cheek and character, good balance & strong bone.

We’re pleased.

The question – was the mare to go back (first cycle) and be serviced?

No, not at this stage anyway…..

Though aims are for the colt by same sire, I sensed the mare was still light. Her constitution could slip-back and thus am prepared to further wait.

My old farming muscles with instinct follow a deliberate principle.

The rationale for the long term where a strong foal will deliver from the strong, healthy mare. Breed em’ right, breed em’ true.

I gaze across at others. Sad, almost rejected older broodmares with some nervous foal at foot. Their year after year produce, sire-automated bred in the shed.

Many foals with issues.

Caveat emptor.