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Superior performers, genetic profile patterns: Accelerate (USA) by Lookin at Lucky (USA), ex- Issues (SA) from Awesome Again (CAN) just can not come any clearer.


Firstly however, familiarizing by female family indexes, also known as Bobinski family tables or, as was known by Bruce Lowe numbers allows every pedigree planner a comprehension to a core value of maternal compatibility.untitledEssentially, bloodlines belong to family: the homozygote attracts, heterozygote complicates where the fusion may go –  remember, as the ol’ master would say, many bloodlines are too wide. Thoroughbred Breeding: A MASTER OF TIME

Unfortunate for the racing horse the greater heterozygous element, unsuspectingly, shall dictate disappointment.

Evaluation following descendant sire alone, say back to Northern Dancer duplications, with Mr Prospector where these crosses as time-proven ‘success’ prototype had its maternal lines evolve, like a wave-cycle (evolutionary phase) then only to compete for the fresh blood, as it does so in the ‘wild’.

Conventional pedigree structure, at only recognizing in-breeding (crosses) fall ‘short’.

Line-breeding prefers… quizzingly by quality, rather than numbers reinforcement.

While all analysis has ‘each-to-their-own’ objective, the pedigree terrain worth reviewing reveals distinct individuality of broodmare’s inheritances.

Old fashioned breeding or of those breeders… knew why/how/when to infuse traits,  to outcross for new upgraded generations. This course, a whole cycle i.e. 7generations, to naturally infuse, that particular key quality.

Thus, distinct individuality is to establish the ‘core’ maternal genus type. It provides an ultimate key, the fore-telling of what goes where & how pedigree mating, strikes the superior individual.

The mission statement: enforcement, uniqueness, superiority of the female breeder belong deeply to her predecessor infusions.

The relevancy of this is conquering.

The bloodline sire strength which was/is building, climaxing or, its diffusing/weakening effects de-establishing it.

Utilizing familial traits as KEY assigns that breeding via female/family dynamics retain extraordinary, breeding paucity success.

Thus subject: Accelerate (USA) via the female family A13, compels same, of inherited familial traits, (hence performance ability) to none other than American Pharoah – American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’.

Through…Accelerate (ff A13) pedigree:-  5th dam Smartaire (USA) infused by the honest, Olympia (USA) (ff-4p). Note presence of Smartaire, via Smart Strike the paternal grandsire to Accelerate, thus doubling Olympia (USA), via his dam Miss Dolphin (ff 4p).

If we view these superior individuals as trait-bearers, view American Pharoah 6th maternal, a dam named Miami Mood (USA), her sire Greek Game USA, (ff-A13) by sire Olympia!!!

Another particular common to both (Accelerate & American Pharoah) has the female family 23-b. The importance of ff 23-b, forefront to American bloodstock breeding complete, it is a distinguishable bloodline breeding support structure, all time.

Trailing the genus, as type, (genotype) upon dominant predecessor traits is the holy-grail to bloodstock breeding. 

By Accelerate’s example, the ff 23-b presence is noted by Smart Strike (A.’s paternal grandsire. Best Turn (USA) the 3rd dam’s paternal grandsire, Smartaire – paternal dam’s sire.

Compare of, (ff 23-b) element to American Pharoah’s 3rd dam. Hence, the superior genetic affiliations.!

If we consider these collective family blood contributors, trait bearers, genus-family the peculiarity of bloodstock breeding finds an interesting dimension.

But pedigrees do not stop there. What of all other major contributors? The….. Raise A Native, Nashua, Turn-To (IRE) with & via, their dams strains.

The necessity to breeding, is… only-the-best-will-do.

The specific aim is a resilient animal which encompasses ALL NECESSARY attributes to its constitution, temperament, racing and performance.

In an effort to convey how intense detail has the peculiar x-factor, consider these trustworthy words from chapter – (Towards A Unified Theory of Thoroughbred Breeding , The Australian & New Zealand Thoroughbred by Ross du Bourg).

I therefore resolved to hand-pick about one in four of my Supreme Shapers and enthrone them as the ‘greater gods’ on the equine equivalent of Mount Olympus. These exalted ancestors form an elite within an elite….

The extreme rigour of the criteria governing selection to my Olympian class of ancestors…….

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