It goes…. thoroughbred pedigrees (as analysis) is open to any reasonable interpretation.

I will say however, the superior potential racehorse with quality pedigree are a bare few.  Most are average material, race able but working for it. Within, I like to see a credible plus factor which strongly pushes a button,  towards ‘artisan’ bred and overturning hybrid breeding complexity.

These pedigrees work unifying. Maybe outcross, in-bred, templates or patterns noted, yet not always conforming to replications (i.e. nicking crosses) but which yields accumulated evolutionary progression.

Not all pedigrees can be explained…but I do find spectacular $ failures are pedigree/blood-type confusion, through the outcross (say to many families) or towards two major type relationships not melding for its present generation. Yet, the precociousness phenotype may convey magnificence in the sale ring.

Notably, the ‘clean’ balanced genotype template shall not always equate to ‘flesh’ . The horse has to offer ‘captivation’.

A few weeks ago, I went to see the in-foal broodmare (maiden).

She looked fair, good in a potential, honest way. Fit. Well. Strong.


TBL & mare…

I left the paddock happy, assured, on-track.

So I’m gonna say,  (after the homework) work out your own x-factor ‘thing’ – the hidden eloquence of the thoroughbred horse. It is to see through walk, type, size, age. Are ‘we’ impressed….? – ‘go’ over and above the ‘record’.

Here are some ‘things’ I genuinely believe. The horse at any age has to remind one of its verve, its ‘will’, its ‘eye’, its fire ‘within’. Horse on fire.

Remember? Green Monkey, Plavius, Rockstardom are $$$$$$$$$$ bungled examples and were seemingly strong family & sire, correct pedigrees with equally, striking athletic constitution. But a oh-no scenario.

Then ponder the genotype trickster….one becomes a stallion with its Australian G.1 racing credentials. The other, is dud.

I saw Tarzino (NZ), (Tavistock from Zarzino) at stud, and I remember also viewing his younger full brother Bulwark as yearling, to race at tail-end of the field. Then, I saw another yearling colt by another sire but with same maternal family displaying his similar ‘zing’ as Tarzino, only to  go under the hammer under $10k. (the bloodlines, family 5-h factoring) would still kick the ‘nick’. Astonishing, were my thoughts…..

To my mind what marks out the phenotype individual, is natural temperament, the intelligent ‘eye’ of thoroughbred spirit, the bounce step, the ‘together’ package. Bulwark (affectionately raised as Walter)


different ‘type’ full brother to Tarzino

had a too kind, gentle, to easy disposition and Tarzino well….Tarzino & the Cinna ‘strain’




At end of the day, shopping, selling, owning…. Knowledge folks, now that’s ya’ horse know what you have, with what you’ve got.