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Looking over a recent broodmare catalogue, I was sceptical and disappointed at selection & merits of the breeding. Most where ex-stud jobs, end-of-line mares to be disposed as propositions for hopeful breeding. Obviously, the stallion mating’s aimed at wanna-be hopeful buyers.

Generally speaking….the commercial-bred can be ‘horse-wastage’. If purchased, it becomes a very patient wait for the right time/right stallion to come onto the stallion-breeding scene –  as you upgrade the dam through her progeny to their generational best. Differentiation (principles of strong-breeding) must be applied.

A dynamic pedigree purely/rightly ‘talks’ potential, hits upon patterns, hits upon dynamic traits, hits outright SMART. It seems so obvious, so simple and yet is (as an entire pedigree) intermittent. Thus researching pedigrees of either sex, age and applying SMART factoring,  will severely cut down a catalogue to a mere few.

It brings joy where a genotype pedigree fulfils TBL dynamics – the entire pedigree complements familial lines, charged with strains which shall never ever leave the hierarchy thoroughbred plus with the hybrid components to the breeding lines.

That is the clean and mean template which TBL urges YOU to pursuit.

Our subject: 3 year chestnut colt, USA bred, named Justify  is a specimen with such a template and don’t you love it…..”just a big ol’ red horse with a big, powerful stride, as quoted by his jockey Mike Smith as he talks of his mount of winning the 2018 Kentucky & Santa Anita Derby.

What makes him (Justify) maybe a little more elite than another horse … you have to wonder that, cardiovascular-wise, if he’s not a little superior.” veterinarian Kevin Dunlavy.

Explore the fundamntals –  Justify (Scat-Daddy USA from Stage Magic (USA) by Ghostzapper (USA) template has Mr Prospector/Nijinsky with strong dosages of Bold Ruler. See here: http://www.pedigreequery.com/justify10

It directs golden-style template (where/if you ‘work’ female family tables carries the 13/8 signature). Screen carefully….how Mr Prospector/Seattle Slew/Pulpit/Jet-Pilot all carry the familial ancestress Frizette. Blood group structure…….

TBL notes the repeat pattern, the repeat Frizette co-relationship to (*8) families – a repeated force complementary lines. Its there in maternal evolutionary history……if you look hard.

We always knew Ghostzapper(USA), a 23b female family, to be exceptional  broodmare sire. How so?

The true breeding-trait of superior best work mighty slow from ancestral superior genes to upgrade/hold individual pedigrees. This is the vital family (*23b).

Thoroughbreds and the breeding game. (no matter how small!) ….. TBL encourages you to keep pedigree simple, keep it direct/sharp on crucial maternal strains to unfold their dynamic superior influences.

Justify as a yearling – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOsHcyFkJkw