When I was a teen, I loved going to ‘the races’. I would stand by the starting gates or at the home-turn.

From time-to-time, I still do. wowyeah

Away from the crowd, it’s the space n’ time with shivers n’ thrills at the purring-roar of those horse-hooves.

It is the seduction of ‘good horses’ which complement a thirst for the ‘right’ and ‘tight’ pedigree. Here I think, I tune-in to my soul-time.

I have hunches. You could say, it is my turn-of-foot.

When blogging, Smokin’ over a pedigree…  I highlighted the maternal dams & great dams catalyse the pedigree. Some said “what”?

At the very least I won’t put any to sleep.

Welcome to The Thoroughbred Link, subject: the ‘verve’ of Roc de Cambes.

First time spotting Roc, it was thumbs up. I discerned he was distinctive, and an exclusive breeder that needed his time of the special mares given.

What a good thing for New Zealand breeding this dude is and with points of differences which need to arise out of the genetic woodwork moving away from the Danehill wave.

Diversity for greater dominant stallions must be both racing & sustainable development as a breed.

Crunching analysis…I have it fascinating going in towards the long, long forgotten backbone of back-breeding aka from the iron, St.Simon. *blink*

Penetration. Depth is the call.

True good ‘uns’ come from the old stamina, stout framework.

So who is the ‘star’ gene in the Roc pedigree and doing the business as progeny represented: He’s Our Rokkii and Pearsons Square.

  • Lalun of 19b family strain.


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  • She was bred by Harry Guggenhim and won the 1955 Kentucky Oaks and Beldame Stakes. She produced the 1962 US champion 2 yr colt Never Bend, who sired Mill Reef and Riverman. She also produced Bold Reason, leading broodmare sire in Great Britain & Ireland, his daughter (Fairy Bridge)producing Sadlers Wells (5h family strain).
  • “Lalun was a powerfully built filly with short cannons. She was linebred 5x4x4 to French champion Teddy and her dam Be Faithful, was an exceptionally tough racemare.” Designing Speed in the Racehorse, Ken McLean

The 5h strain is the global genetic story and hitches the family through Nureyev and Sadlers Wells, since the female connection is line – Fairy Bridge/Special/Thong.

  • Most 5h strains are from ancestress Simon Shoes.

Across pedigrees, the Roc integrates well n’ tidy. This is what you want.

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 Let’s Go and ‘Roc’


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