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At ‘i-cloud blogs-ville’  a tiny little world where I dialogue upon the immortal thoroughbreds who have gone before and where my business is study, study, and study the intrigues of pedigree which ‘pow’ zip and zing.

Friend, I live the thoroughbred world and its pedigree.

How absorbing it is, to find superior contemporary pedigrees take their dominance from old-bloods collectively, complementary and refined and such is the case of Xtravagant by Pentire from Axiom (by Zabeel) and of same pedigree – He’s Remarkable, his older full brother as bred by Rich Hill Stud, New Zealand.




I’ve used this statement before here at Mongolian’s blog Ten thousand Diamonds: Mongolian Khan….. where I’ll use it again because it explains how I philosophize.

In breeding, it’s a rare application simply because it is about the finer, restrained, underlying crescendos (through family strains) to ‘fire’ the nucleus of the thoroughbred. Like peaks and falls through the cycles of generations ,the individual ‘highlights’ what has gone on beforehand.

With thoroughbred breeding, much genetic magic is spun at the 7th remove – it’s the indication of a broodmares selective breeding history and how it will collect to ‘fire’ to incise the successful nick.

Indeed furthest distant removes are ‘forgotten’, yet it discovers the distinction and the truer structuring layers of the horse as they fold through the genetic mix of the thoroughbred.

The Xtravagant pedigree from his 2-e family strain may be better explained  by what Pentire may really yearn for as a sire and when we look at top performing types like Xcellent, where there is the genetic factoring of Sir Tristram, Century, Vain paralleled to Xtravagant via Zabeel, (by Sir Tristram) & Centaine (by Century) you can feel something is knocking prospect.

However let’s go deeper to the real guts.

What distinguished sire is reverberating?

My old favourite heritage ‘Y’ line – My Babu – Djebel – Tourbillon – Ksar. Take a look at Djebel pedigree and there is Teddy as grand-broodmare sire, and when Ksar comes up within any contemporary pedigree it is a great check-point because I) it is not common ii) it still reverberates dynastic breeding of ‘old’

With the best of Pentire progeny  there is undoubtedly a taste for Teddy (2-n) additionally with a good swig swig of Gainsborough (2-n) who majorly factors in Zabeel type- breeding and you may figure how knitting gets done.

Over and over, I repeat its ‘old’ depth and in-bound concentration which ‘cuts’ top racing performers. This type of breeding is the benchmark.

Many may claim it’s too distant, too past to configure any pedigree on, however the message to comprehend are that broodmares genetics are intensifying or falling due to the inter=affiliation of genetics held within band-families and are thereon, thus complemented to by their chosen sires.

That is the key.