For many decades now the global thoroughbred breeding industry established the immortality of Tesio’s Nearco as the dynastic genetic blue-print. To universally rule, as a then predecessor of them all.

I have reiterated in a prior blog – Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree ……………contents where Tesio recognized Nearco was brilliant but not a true stayer and Franco Varola came to advise that Nearco’s progeny though brilliant at 2, the 3 year olds at end of the racing season did not show much interest thereafter.

In general it can be said that many progeny today, containing within a high back-bred dosage of Nearco don’t really stick around for the long-term. Super-charged precocious, athletic at first brilliant….then, hmmmm somewhat fading.

It’s a fact that true-core thoroughbred diversity has almost died. The old-bloods, (Teddy, Gainsborough, Chaucer, Blenheim, Bayardo, Swynford, Man O War, War Admiral, Tourbillon) from a deep concentration of genetic substance has increasingly dispersed towards Nearco like a one-way alley, no-exit street.

Yet, if one is fortunate to find numerous old-strengths collectively, those which surpass Nearco, then be prepared to find that particular individual is more likely to be superior.

It has to be really… the thoroughbred is a hybrid. It has a prototype that changes with each step of breeding and in breeding the hybrid it needs a composed ‘pooled’ pedigree towards domination and not a crowning dominance of one upon one, grander type.

So it is, sheer skilful breeding through each & every individual pedigree to aim at what greater than great breeding can really do.

Extraordinarily, it is boutique breeders whom mainly realize old school breeding peculiarities!

Of example, Mongolian Khan Pedigree (Holy Roman Emperor from Centafit (by Centaine) bred by Grenville Stud in Tasmania stages faultless, true breeding.

The gage & the ‘lens into thoroughbred Old bloods like The Mighty Atom alias Hyperion from Gainsborough from Bayardo, throwing up a genetic charge, complemented by the Lady Josephine/Juror families whom we recognize as Nasrullah, Mahmoud, Fair Trial and Badruddin.

A world-top class mare had parallel dense heritage – her name Black Caviar.

In breeding, it’s a rare application simply because it is about the finer, restrained, underlying crescendos (through family strains) to ‘fire’ the nucleus of the thoroughbred. Like peaks and falls through the cycles of generations, the individual ‘highlights’ what has gone on beforehand.

Though superior champions are one-off, they are not genetic-freaks-of-wonder, but compactly ever so softly composed by their ancestral reserves.

Ten-thousand diamonds come to sparkle when that thoroughbred is created.

Mongolian Khan was bred by McCulloch in partnership with Coolmore Stud but when the colt was put through the sale ring at a William Inglis weanling sale McCulloch bought it back for $9,000 to buy out Coolmore’s share. “I sent the colt to New Zealand and sold him at the yearling sale for $140,000, but he was resold at a ready to run sale for $220,000 and purchased by his present owners the Chinese syndicate the Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Syndicate managed by Mr Lin Lang,”   http://grenville.com.au/