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There’s a saying among prospectors: ‘Go out looking for one thing, and that’s all you’ll ever find.’






Mr Prospector resembled Nashua in phenotype and temperament. When you collect information about individuals in a stallion’s ancestry you can appreciate their contribution of strengths and weaknesses in terms of racing class, airflow, soundness and temperament. European buyers were unsure about Mr. P’s progeny because they had small feet, suitable for firm ground rather than soft turf. Mr P. inherited very short pasterns, perfect for dirt racing whereas Europeans were more accustomed to horse’s with longer pasterns. Ken McLean – Designing Speed in the Racehorse

*A TBL discussion

‘Mr P’.… will 3+ line-breeding or more provide desirable effect or is it factoring a considered liability?

An overall pedigree may be best answered by matter-of-balances throughout.

Mr P supreme ‘sire’ shaper however, the necessary complement – a supreme dominator landscape by degree(s) of contribution highly influencing rather than (alone) parental commonality.

The study: – Munnings 3yo filly, Emirates Oaks and Guineas winner – Shahama https://www.pedigreequery.com/shahama2.

Firstly back on Mr Prospector’s sire, Native Dancer. The sire imprint determined Eight Belles, tragedy and also tragic eventRuffian . Mindful, there are 7 strains Native Dancer to Shahama’s pedigree.

7 strains may just bring into question Shahama’s long term racing? However, I say all-good.

What comes into play….the supreme dominator Type balance, distinguishes – 7Dx7D Djebel via My Babu ex- Perfume f.f.1-W & Djeddah ex-distaff, Frizette f.f.13c, same to Mr Prospectors dam-line. ++ Djebel, son of Tourbillon ex-distaff, Frizette f.f.13c. e.g. multiple matri-gene sources. Tourbillon 9sx8x8, benefits.

Further as it has always been and always will – major, major matriarchal influences which double back powerful.

@ https://www.pedigreequery.com/lord+at+war sire female family Sweet Lavender f.f.1-W. In a note shell, this strain is a Marco/Barcaldine inheritance. Further note dam Luna de Miel – a Hurry On/Marcovil/Marco/Barcaldine inheritance.

(n.b. Lord at War, >> Pioneer of the Nile sire of American Pharaoh)

Speightstown son, Munnings, from La Comete by Holy Bull. https://www.pedigreequery.com/holy+bull

Holy Bull attracted attention long back mainly due tracing out inheritance f.f. 2h. back to Sting (USA) from family Sandiway, daughter of Clemence akin, Martha’s daughters….

>> Medina Spirit, has Holy Bull, distaff infused.

Furthermore a fellow researcher brought my attention upon Unbridled **4×5 Rough n’ Tumble by Questionnaire by Sting. Put them together (Holy Bull & Unbridled) ie matriarch’s critical mass, inheritance dominant.

Always perplexing, the enigmatic goes by uncertain pathways. The supreme ‘band’ at what is never obvious yet goes alongside line-breeding, alongside desired pre-eminent trait(s).

A good example – https://www.pedigreequery.com/havre+de+grace5 3×5 Mr P + Hail to Reason (Sweet Lavender f.f.1W + distaff My Babu f.f.1W + ( My Babu 7Dx7dx5d) = 4 strains Lavendula .

Now that Havre de Grace has produced a Justify colt will pedigree students approve the 6 strains Mr P and 14 Native Dancer???

Take note Scat Daddy from familial geno strain f.f. 1W, (not Lavendula however genetically IS Marchetta family from Marco)

*Though the mating is okay, I like to cite that soft patterns follow.

The Example: Liam’s Map (USA) has a grand-dam by Great Above ( sire of Holy Bull) i.e. Rough n’ Tumble/Intentionally/matriach Aspisdistra, dam line of Liam’s Map + Dr Fager are inherent strains perfect.

2) Damascus – 4×5 Fair Play (Godolphin Arabian) + My Babu (Djebel / Pefume Sweet Lavender/Marchetta f.f.1W)

3) Further – **Unbridled + Caro (whom I associate to carry Hurry On i.e. Marco/Barcaldine noting Godolphin Arabian + under-noted influence Le Fabuleux (FR) a Neil Gow/Barcaldine daughter Godolphin Arabian. Neil Gow is also represented thu Olympia/Heliopolis being the dam’s, grand-dam sire. (n.b. Neil Gow rarefied genetic-gold).

This hypo example Liam’s Map/Havre de Grace goes to effect balance upon Mr P. 4x, Native D. 9x thru additionally exercising supreme dominator influences.

Lesson – never over-cook!

Proportion and prepotency are the two primary forces at work in the science of genetic inheritance.

Ross du Bourg

note, *TBL discussion copyright.