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“Home Affairs has made a mess of them” – Matt Hill‘s race call (2021 Coolmore Stud Stakes)

I Am Invincible (AUS) 3yo colt Home Affairs (AUS) – distinctive racing type true – this horse undoubtedly means business.

A 2020 Inglis Easter yearling purchase at $875 k (Coolmore) one strong specimen clearly depicts a Group 1 future: & earlier as foal photo

This is a genotype to apex quality beyond. ‘Hot-lines’ aka Danzig 4sx4D, Sir Ivor 5sx5d, *Franfreluche 5dx5d, 5x’s Northern Dancer are your store-front pedigree. By introspective work ( ๐Ÿ˜‰wink for experts) – there stirs deep prototype.

Prototype – genetic throw-back resurrected. They are obscure, compact with essential, critical point of difference. Rather than individuals ended, the blood receded and waited…

From the ancestral ‘3’, a racing type evolved. The ultimate thoroughbred headed by…

Matchem a Godolphin Arabian descendant. His bloodline

descendants hold the genotype.

Godolphin Arabian

born in 1724 (formerly Tb-g, now Tb-oB3b)

The horse Y chromosome as an informative marker for tracing sire lines | Scientific Reports (nature.com)

Piecing together, lets uncover pointers how geno/pheno-Type fits Ultimate racing machine.

Deeper the better…get Type scrutinized to detail. Find specific individuals their omnipotent traits exclusive. They are not apparent to a conventional/algorithm model. Case in point ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

*Fanfrelucheancestral, distaff prototype strains noting Barcaldine, with cross to Carbine + Ayrshire via grand-sire Lord Clifden+ Teddy remembering mistaken identity to grand b/m sire Bend Or (n.b. stud book still remains unchanged) additionally Voltigeur et al are very close genetic relationships thru Clemence & of Martha Lynn family.


Barcaldine –

He, the European ‘Y’ West Australian (Godolphin Arabian) where as Relic/War Relic/Man o’ War is the US branch.

Barcaldine (horse) – Wikipedia

Fanfreluche (CAN) was the cornerstone of Canada’s breeding industry & allocated her place to the Canadian Hall of Fame. Her accounts provided here.

Her blood flows to AustraliaFanfreleuch the distaff to Encosta de Lago (AUS) and subject, Home Affairs (AUS) via, b/m sire Flying Spur (AUS). Noting… Home Affairs 1/2 brother Aysar (Deep Field) has the Encosta de Lago sire/male line.

CRITERIA TO LOOK FOR i) critical-mass concentration prototype ‘across’ ii) gauge key Individual(s) towards xx carriers iii) endorse where each parental distaff has similar individuals. Discern carefully a point of convergence per female lineage inheritance.

Pull it together… Home Affairs (I am Invincible – Miss Interiors ex-Flying Spur)

The dam makes the Sire.

The dam – Miss Interiors as prior discussed per distaff strains + b/m sire Flying Spur.

The sire, I Am Invincible distaff – 10th dam daughter of Chelandry & Barcaldine son Sir Visto

. Symington son of Ayrshire

Lawrence – Wallace, son of Carbine

Kings Bench – 2x Hurry On desc. Barcaldine

Canny Lad – Triplane mare (AUS) 5sx4sx5d CARBINE study Triplane pedigree noting Barcaldine.

+ Best Wishes (mare) by Neil Gow, a Barcaldine grandson. Best Wishes grand-dam to Felicitation

Canny Lad’s sire Bletchingly from a Felstead/Spearmint/Carbine developed distaff.

Danzig – distaff notes: – FELSTEAD/Spearmint/Carbine + Hurry On desc Barcaldine. His sire Northern Dancer ex-4th dam Mother Goose by Chicle (FR) by Spearmint/Carbine

Kris – 6×6 Papyrus dam Miss Matty a Marcovil/Barcaldine desc. Papyrus also to Star Kingdom.

My Babu from dam, Sweet Lavender to Marchetta – daughter of Marco/Barcaldine desc.

Neil Gow – a Barcaldine grandson, from Chelandry found through Chateau Bouscout (FR)

Neil Gow’s name never appeared as champion maternal grandsire but the great influence exercised by his comparatively few daughters shows that they were of exceptional merit. (Bloodstock Breeding, Sir Charles Leicester)

The importance is to familiarize all individuals coming down from the main ‘bone’ prototype. Small details are relevant. Source individuals like Barcaldine & son Neil Gow. Focus the main man, ‘Matchem’, down through to modern day descendants of Hurry On et al

Further @ Pedigree Query their female family summary ‘totals’ (placed at the bottom of the chart) are ‘useful’ to examine what main strains/traits, are defining main ‘distaff contributors’ ie Franfreluche f.f. 4g @ 9 dosage @ 5 generations.

To note f.f. 1-n @ 7 dosage equates Chelandry the dam of Neil Gow (her pedigree + photo of Neil Gow!)

Home Affairs sire, I Am Invincible (AUS) female family 1-n & Zoffany (USA) f.f. 1-n

f.f. 7a @ 8 dosages (aka Invincible Spirit, Danzig, Bletchingly) thru ancestral mare Vicissitude sex-balanced 4×3 Matchem , 5x5x5 Godolphin Arabian blood

Barcaldine never knew defeat on the racecourse, and on retiring to stud got several Classic winners. He succeeded in carrying on the Matchem line to its representation by Precipitation (1933), Chamossaire (1942), (Airborne 1943), Niccolo Dell’Arca etc. (Bloodstock Breeding, Sir Charles Leicester)

@ Rosehill Trials video Home Affairs easy, relaxed, effortless