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New breeding season – ‘how’ does one really take impression to a quality sire?

Slick reasons are many & should any sire capture interest its good reason to examine.

Tho’ quality goes well enough more you give genotype the attention, better it gets.

Genetic doors swing wide open, revolve and specifics are the greater window.

Today’s subject – chestnut stallion Showtime (AUS) by Snitzel from Fridais ex-Timber Country (USA) unfolds a genotype pedigree – one which wins me over. (and no, there is no pony of mine in this race)

He is striking – almost certainly a ‘true’ breeder, ‘mover’ upgrader and of course, no need to further acclaim his sire, the great 4x Australian Champion sire, Snitzel (Redoute’s Choice).

Amongst all racehorse TB’s & of bloodlines, Showtime surely begs an interesting appeal. We’ll focus on Showtime’s dam (as below) to review fresh lines into the breeding mix, (hybrid vigour) additionally strains not often seen.

I would say his dam is an essay, a discovery, for breeding is not make n’ model reproduction without reflecting carefully laid principles, the key.

shrewd knowledge pockets good quality – handsome is, handsome does Showtime (AUS) is the way of the future

there He was… Showtime with the airs of an equine aristocrat

The ‘way’ a Stallion speaks, the pedigree shall also. He carries individuality, the eye surveys, the strong neck, withers, shoulder depth, sloping croup, strong lithe bone; that IT factor… it (he) esssentially, speaks character.

‘Tis the familial ‘cradle’ which rocks.. New Zealand influences of mightiest ancestry refusing to empty.

Geneticists suggest these may necessarily not have effect? hmmm, really?

To Showtime’s 5th dam Kalimera (NZ) pinpoints origin. These are the 7 strains of Musket (Nightmarch, Nordenfeldt, Pink Coat, Carbine, Spearmint)

Next built-in, the strains to Alycidon and Luthier/Klairon (FR) aka the highly distinguishable family 1-W, the eminent Marchetta line, spine and TB back-bone.

Familial genetics the great link between Marchetta & another Miss Matty where their sire-line is Marcovil/Marco. The great influential sire-line to Papyrus (Princequillo, Ribot, Star Kingdom, Urban Sea & more exclusive individuals…)

Navigating to south americas where dam infusions find acquaintance to South America’s tapestry bloodlines: stalwart breeders by generations upon fertile mineral rich land. They’re disciplined with exceptional diligence to robust lines, utilizing and rebuilding to their product & brand functional. There’s is the exceptional hybrid vigour recipe shaping back through – well into classic, vigorous blood.

First Norman (USA) Showtime’s grand-dam sire, is in sum total, an Americas alternative to Sundridge inheritance type & his, the original source of speed. First Norman’s sire Cougar (CHI) 5×5 Solario where First Norman has,+ 5×5 Mumtaz Begum.

First Norman (USA), grand-dam sire – photo credit https://sporthorse-data.com/

Broodmare sire Timber Country (USA) a champion 2 yo – 4×5 Swaps (Khaled/Hyperion) & note sire of the chestnut gelding Eremein (ex-Marrego by Marscay), a performer over 1100m to 2400m +++ 2005 Australian Derby winner and 2006 BMW (2400m) winner.

The take on Showtime has just this…when genetics timely arise, they sharpen unexpectantly, hence your hybrid vigour.

Snitzel’s genetic inclination to Star Kingdom factors gains clarity where classic blood dominates. ie First Norman Solario and Swaps aka Hyperion speed/stamina in balance.

I’m thinking… advisory breeding complementary broodmares: –I am Invincible, targeting Kris/Sharpen Up (i.e. 4×5 Hyperion + 1 Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint/Carbine/

Lonhro – Hyperion factors + Klarion

Dundeel – note Targui (FR) 3×4 Tourbillon + Dundeel’s 5th dam by Red Mars/Hyperion comparing, Showtime’s 5th dam Kalimera by Red Jester by Red Mars (Hyperion)!

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