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Danehill inbreeding has once again been on social media airwave.

Statistics to inbreed Danehill has the exercise unproductive.

Additionally science places tsunami in-breeding can affect populations breeding future.

More questions & judges want clarity… ‘there are winners inbred to Danehill’

For opinions sake only …. we’re not too fussed to inbred Danehill models i.e. by 3rd remove. Nevertheless, curiosity is a better option.

Every call has a first-up impression. Over the other-side, hard-line statistics call it out.

Whilst Danehill was Australasian 90’s breed-shaper, we’re assuming the 20 years +, has ‘over corrected’ (the pendulum; balance of genetic). This scenario is through popularized breeding objectives: early maturing sprinter material, arrives model, genotype/phenotype standard. But there is an overdone dilemma. Was it intended?

you cannot change the morphology from one hour to the next without unfortunate losses in every way(Gilberto Junqueria)

‘show the past, the selection, our horse and to alert to loss of characteristics of the pure- that which had occurred in recent years‘ (Gilberto Junqueria)

On pedigree matters – it is to a greater Understanding where greater influences arise.… pure Dominance.

Pure … overthrow everything else from the hybrid-nature thoroughbred. (That is Tesio lore…)

Let’s review an in-bred Danehill subject: – Lucky Patch (NZ) 4yo bay gelding Lucky Patch Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Lucky Patch (El Roca) 3×3 inbred Danehill broke a 14 year old record at Sha-Tin.

Its all Lucky Patch racing video here.

2018 Gold Coast National Yearling Sale (AUD$40K purchase) secured

Lucky Patch (NZ). Earnings AUD$35,100 + HKD$5,875,500.

Lucky Patch (NZ) formally registered as Paleontologist and was exported to Hong Kong May 2020.

The planning (selection) to what strain (akin to a genetic trail) belongs to where/how/why one attains correct Influence of pedigree often, the Masters Touch.

Direct nearest influences, the mitochondrial DNA distaff has Lucky Patch’s dam Gould by Danehill Dancer.

Gould carries the distinguished ‘Big hitters’ namely Tourbillon/8Dx8Dx9d son Targui as inbred to Tourbillon. Big clue there!

– Tourbillon/Djebel thru My Baby/Clarion/Djeddah/Targui to their contemporary influences/descendants as by sire (El Roca) viz, Fastnet Rock, Rubiton (Century) X brood mare Sir Tristram, female Julioette by Targui.

This is a concentrate blueprint.

The dam, Gould has a 1/2 sister Gouldikova (AUS) by General Nediym which ran in South Africa for 19 starts, 2 wins and 6 placings. She bred the filly Good Times Roll by Time Thief for 1 win of 14 starts (South Africa).

To working out Danehill: – an old hand says…. the ‘want’ to overcook the pudding (pedigree) is often damage-done. It takes a good number of generations from ‘too much, too close’ dosages to soften back and what runs mostly, decidedly, the course ahead.

Insights to Sire El Roca recommended – confident appeal, he really ‘stands’ quality of a honest stallion.

Danehill inbreds – give chase to the Right detail!

Thanks to Janice Winterhalter & Gilberto Junqueria for material/info.

Featured Image credit & Copyright Kimberley Mcintyre @ Horses Helping Humans