“Nostalgic praise for the good old days is a Plant that knows no boundaries of time or space, and so it is not surprising that should also blossom on the racetracks, and even in the sheltered hot-houses of science”. Tesio

Nearco, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer the standard line-bred intensification to 2 year old precocious speed development keeps proliferating.

Of tipping points there has consequence to racing thoroughbreds – an imbalance to genetic introgression pools.

The one-line direction is not sustainable.

Nostalgic written, the celebrations and those eulogies based to stallions akin Djebel, Forli, Hyperion, Hurry On, are those fated lines. The strong pillars of ‘yesteryear’ come sparse, but for where also best quality rests. Today’s distributions carried by daughter descendants and producers.

The noble identities 'existed as residual modes of the Thoroughbred, ecologically valuable and necessary to maintain the very survival of the central aptitude'. (reference, Typology of the Racehorse - Varola).

How to renew & make lasting diversity is the necessary challenge & tomorrow’s frontier.

Where noble ‘Frames’ continue not, the solutions are somewhat, settled by a vacuous path. Race programmes may soften, shorten. By degrees.. a weaker predicament further damaging innate integrity where a greater doctrine to breeding/racing intersects.

It shall seem, blue-blooded consanguinity is abstract. Reverence by hardy classic performances cannot be cheapened. (111) Horse Racing 1971 Eclipse Stakes Sandown Mill Reef and Caro – YouTube

Federico Tesio points his finger & with an iron jaw states: “the true measure of progress is directed only toward the well-being of the individual and the preservation of the spies’.

True breeding progression is of genetic giants. It is placing their vigour back, as the construct to breeding. This parallels alongside the nature of selection.

  • The reproductive power, contrary to what some novice breeders imagine, come from an extremely slow process of purification, only achieved with time, patience, obstinacy, and firmness of concepts.*
  • The selection must be uniform and constant.*
  • The selector must keep in mind that competence shapes the forms (morphological).*

Tesio words it well…. “selection is the Element which has made the greatest contribution to developing the breed of the thoroughbred”.

To example the stern principle – the rigorous applies to South America’s Argentina, Uruguay and the top quality Brazil bred virtues. It is beautiful, brutal, tough, sensible methodology, the venerated puro sangue ingles ‘blood’ beneath.

Unfashionable, non-commercial by western terms, the gifted ‘Caro’ branch-sire line ‘high-fives’ to produce high-end, racing ability through sire T H Approval (USA) by With Approval (CAN) from Argentine mare Potrichal – T H Approval Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

T.H. Approval -‘Y’ line to Caro (IRE) locks in progenitors: – Relic (War Relic, Man O War), Precipitation (Hurry On, Marcovil), Solario (Gainsborough, Sundridge) & Nasrullah.

They are ‘at best’, the formula and breeding discipline.

T. H. Approval | Progeny | Racing Post

(111) 7ºp C JARDIM 19 06 2021 – YouTube (Nobless You by T H Approval)

Noblesse You Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) 2ºp C JARDIM 12 12 2020 – YouTube (Nobless You)

Lepate Goose Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) GP Barão de Piracicaba 2017 – Lepate Goose – YouTube

Nao Da Mais Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) GP Derby Paulista (G1) 2019 – YouTube (Nao Da Mais)

Princess Leca Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) 210606 c03 PRINCESS LECA – YouTube

Quality breeding single-handedly, their slogan highlights – Haras Phillipson (@harasphillipson) • Instagram photos and videos a Love, passion for the thoroughbred.

The strong advice & good science Tesio ” one must occasionally breed to fresh strains, but always highly selected ones”

Without ‘selection’, tradition struggles, customs forgotten & indifference is neglect. The distinctive genetic-character can generate competitive racehorses above expectation.


The Thoroughbred Link thanks Gilberto Junqueira for his * advisory* quotes & with introduction to Brazil’s breeding.

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