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Subject: Enable (GB) – Nathaniel (IRE) x Concentric (GB).

Pedigree analysis discovers the true nature to genetic patterns, strains and traits within.

 –  where/how/why genotype breeding, placed from contributing family bloodlines, as they ‘return’ through an individual.

The genotype is a graph, via family tables showing of sorts, a zig-zag relationship. Family breeding tables serve as a convenient link helping to place its orchestration.

Enthusiasts will note close inbreeding (3s x 2d) to Sadlers Wells (USA) – a dynastic gene empire all on its own. Sadlers Wells, the female family 5-h.

Other noted strains infused to Sadlers Wells breeding; through blue-blood producer Lalun (USA) the female family 19-b. She produced Bold Reason (USA) and Never Turn (USA) , sire of Mill Reef, he the sire to Shirley Heights (GB), the grand-dam sire of Enable.  Lalun 5sx5Dx6D.

Now note, Lalun’s sire the French-bred Djeddah to the family #13c. More important (as genetic power) the powerful progenitor siring line to Tourbillon. (n.b. Tourbillon taps through the entire pedigree…9Sx8sX8Dx9Dx9Dx9D it is important to note detail how/where and these to be treated as both strains & TRAITS contributors!)

As genetic building blocks, the Lalun/Djeddah connection which goes to so many a global pedigree to that of Mr Prospector family #13C.

Finding its ‘relationship’ to further explore contributors and in this case Mr Prospector, sire & mare… Native Dancer (USA) and Nashua (USA) shall reveal how pedigree progresses.

Refer to Roberto, his dam’s sire is Nashua (connect those dots!)


Lalun – 5sx5Dx6D (photo source unknown)

With method to ancestry, its evolutionary passage, helps to ‘organize’ or ‘arrange’ the appreciation of co-affiliation branches to its contribution upon pedigree.

The more detail or division into the pedigree, one may ask “well…where does it start and where does it end”?

Lately…. I have commented it is not so much the ‘volume’ or mass of obvious strains (line-bred) since many a global pedigree trends much the same to similar depths. So then... it is the subtle strains which appear to ‘support’ the greater to its distribution mass, pointedly where IT COUNTS  directly.

For this reason it is to extend the pedigree to 7th-9th generations: as indicated above….. appreciate the co-affiliation, as all contribution, as traits infuse.

Through dam’s lines, (infusions) mindfully understand what her main trunk is becoming….or has been. Enable’s dam Concentric has the infusion of family #5-h through a sire called Limelight. The connection is through Sadlers Wells and Limelight (GB) has they both come from ancestor family – Simon’s Shoes. (just think Mitchondrial DNA)

This my TBL method (of sorts) demonstrates a strong familiar pattern and type formulation.

With Enable’s pedigree as template and on a side note – where TBL has noted many a time to European breeding through history it is by Key strains, key families, key genus roots-at-origins…the female family #9:#4 has maternal affiliation.

Like building-blocks, the ff#9:#4 are keys, are strains factoring. They ‘remember’ the familial evolutionary relationship – as foundation traces. (see below)

Utilizing maternal foundations, evolvement, capitalizes on xx inheritances. A core fundamental to establish how the thoroughbred ecology has transpired.

Enable – the female #4m family.

Communal #4 branches concentrate the XX origins, mitochondrial DNA.

Such application re-sources the composite origin in cohesive degrees. It is an eternal co-affiliation.

mare 4, 9662686701..jpg


 Note the #9 : #4 branches & pattern to Enable where Nathaniel/Galileo are strongly 9 families to the dam Concentric #4m.