“I am an animal with reason” – Vaslav Nijinsky


Through daily workings, I went reflecting those individuals with an intrinsic value to breeding. The international stud operation headliner hook: ‘retaining the scarcity value’.

Scarcity value has the enduring quality of the specific few. The bloodline component common to superior racing individuals. Their breeding as stallions or mares, coming down through descendants retaining the ‘X factor-quality’ of something money can’t replace. It’s kinda how one goes investing for bloodlines….

I was surprised where a pedigree-advisory commented some stats. In-breeding Nijinsky sound-off… ho-hum lousy.

Whoa, hang on…..! Compared to what?

Algorithms – I remember an evening when challenged by a programmer of breeding software i.e. discussion to that proof he had to ‘tenets’ of breeding.

Non-favorable nicks through algorithm/database calculations, may speculate good things, bad things. The impression to contravene long-term generation breeding programs. Dosage ‘uplifts’ to rising the bloodlines; the maternal infusing/productivity is ongoing.

That is the riddle, & know-how to rise n’ fall of bloodlines.

Infuse/upgrade bloodlines, diffuse bloodlines/downgrade.

A Quality Sire and his daughters through to her broodmare years can only retain quality, regardless.

It is a painstakingly long exercise to lift a law of averages over generations.

It is the breeders ‘lore’ to understand this is where the game is. Nature calls it ‘selection’.

Favorable nicks, unfavorable nicks??? let’s chew-the-cud on this…. separate the market fanfare as wheat-from-the-chaff just know Nature calls its better tune, through dominance.

No doubts breeding has reaped much change. The ‘numbers’ made it change. Thoroughbreds – real-estate or commodity. A beautiful sham…

It’s complex n’ tricky business but I shall persist where peculiarities towards pedigree analysis, to the actual breeding itself, is to carefully discern where the breeding program is advancing to, as well from.

The requisite to breeding is to understand both what strengthens or weakens – not only of ‘lines’ but also the constitutional phenotype.

– the ever increased sprinting over sprinting lines of ‘listed’ stallions has incrementally confused, thrown out breeding practice, throw out consistency, thrown out elementary constitution.

Thoroughbreds without diligent breeding –“now its about sales. There is an intersect between sales & racing, but it is very tricky to find the sweet spot right now” Tony Lacy.
How true!

Perhaps, perhaps, Science genetics and bio-mechanic technology might solve what stipulates superior genotype/phenotype attributes of greater selected individuals. And maybe… it’s solution for bigger investment/ commercial operators (dry humour…)

Back on the subject…. in-breeding Nijinsky.

Be reminded, Nijinsky is ‘immeasurable’ – rich as a genetic-ocean; his breeding has exceptional & infinite influence.

“In most ways Nijinsky was the perfect racehorse: he was a well-grown individual, good-looking and a fluent mover. As a two year old he was unbeaten in 5 races”.

Sir Charles Leicester

So when encountering Nijinksy to any pedigree, its excitement where he, Nijinsky continually ‘arises’ with genetic prowess of an unknown consistency.

Aside from Tapit, Fastnet Rock, Beauty Generation, War Front, Redoute’s Choice, Black Caviar et al –

→The promising new star Airlie Stud stakes G2 winner, Niarchos bred, 2 year old filly: Albigna by Zoffany, from Freedonia ex-Selkirk has Nijinsky – 3x – 6Sx6Sx4D.

→Silvano’s Pride (SAF) Group 1 winner mare by the German bred Silvano from Mary’s Pride ex-Jet Master has Nijinsky 4Sx6d & importantly, a Nijinsky male line.
→Hawwaam (SAF) multiple Group 1 winner, 4 yr horse – Silvano from a mare by Jet Master n.b. Nijinsky male line.

In the name & of finer sacraments to ‘breeding’ them well – one can never discount Nijinsky where back-breeding ‘back’ to the breed to ensure the backbone.

That backbone IS the future of breeding….

It is with ‘quality’ and only quality upon line-breeding to eventually mound, its finest. Genetics shall merge, soften to be more distantly powerful, than the nearer. This is the story of natural progression….

So if ya’ all get the TBL sermon….you breed IN, what ‘seizes’ the desired quality. Period.

“man selects for parentage those specimens of the breed which show the qualities which he wishes reproduced” – Sir Charles Leicester, Bloodstock Breeding