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It is the amusement of mine to view old pedigrees: a display like the pedigree wheel below; its almost in motion. Shown here is Phar Lap’s –  a wonderful illuminating insight, genes concertina over/through dynastic formative families of old.

In a good ol’ book I came across the linear-graph-style in reversal i.e. great grand sire/dam parents first, their progeny following through to SUM at end, the well-bred individual.

To equip oneself – comprehend thoroughbred breeding, is to go back longhand: to gauge how breeding swells upon core dominant strains merged back and particularly through the maternal (as it always has been).

It is to capture influential strains, dominant influences and as the eye processes onto individuals engagingly. In such a way, one may pick up K.P.I. – key performers index and how they weave to smarten many unconventional pedigrees. We may find new, but old influences which give unique curiosity and an indication to a superior ‘newer’ pedigree template and direction to, the True One we may hope for ourselves!

Regarding computer ‘sire’ algorithms, the internet and social-media one might be better informed, up-with-the-play, but at end the strength of it conveys miniscule information on where/why/how pedigrees, as templates, take much planning/ formation to hold what is truer breeding at depth.

Its old-fashioned reckoning….but good.

When comparing pedigrees of high-valued commercial bloodstock with seemingly other unappealing (but, valuable) pedigrees which perhaps do not support the commercial ‘eye’ but worth pursuing if only to engage oneself with passion and intrigue!


Because when they’re right, they’re right …. that said, they can win. And…that is why you watch pedigrees, watch horses and breeding – they shall come.

The TBL example is a yearling pass-in ($NZ 30k, vendor price) to be UNSOLD and again taken to auction, months later (mixed-aged sale) to  be secured for yes, $8,000 NZ.

fast forward, it wins –  2018 Auckland Cup winner (3200m)

She is the New Zealand mare: – Ladies First b. 2012, sired by Dylan Thomas (IRE) from Just Polite (AUS) by Dehere (USA). 9 starts, 3 stake wins, 1 G1 win. refer here http://www.pedigreequery.com/ladies+first13

Ladies First is designated tail female family 23-b; for reasons to long for this article it Is one of the USA old best, bred best. (hint, research & screen well back the great sire, Discovery (USA) i.e. what takes within.

Viewing we find the dam carries Bold Ruler (5D x 5D) & with incl. sire (6sx5dx5d). Gold is pushed through the door folks Bold Ruler: t-o-u-g-h & sire of the great immortal Secretariat. Bold Ruler surely, is to be remembered: think pre-syndication, before shuttle en masse breeding and now a short gene-pool. (if I had this broodmare I sure would be smiling big) but lets dig & KNIT deep…..Princequillo 8s x 6d x 8d x 5d to note especially where the Prince genes MERGE into the tap-root 23-b line. Important.

Further….Bold Ruler, dam’s sire Discovery (USA) ff 23-b. See how genes dial through back-end?

Bold Ruler with his owner Mrs Phipps. photo credit spiletta.com

The sire of Bold Ruler,  Nasrullah has the ff 9-C. Dylan Thomas has the same tap-root, tho’ not close direct, is similar, its assimilations make a compounding effect. History knits still…..

Screen your pedigrees by female families integration to arrive at a template, merger of bloodlines.

Stay true to the mare.

for more reading: https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/115401/the-influence-of-bold-ruler
photo credits and reading – http://www.spiletta.com/UTHOF/boldruler.html