As author of The Thoroughbred Link I went about an extensive study of why familial thoroughbred pedigrees aka breeding is so strikingly distinctive, so strikingly powerful.

Many pedigree aficionados have utilized similar theories where influential broodmares are indeed, the key.

The aim to distinguish family collective strains: why they balance and why configuration gets the superior thoroughbred for both racing and breeding.

Its goes well before official Thoroughbred foundational breeding to the Turkoman era with historical conjectures – my rationale is that, it is that two predecessors are predominately overriding.


It is not to label those individuals as such, but to comprehend the blood-lines in evolvement and formation of the thoroughbred and what heightens breeding more so than others.

It is a funny thing that breeding is a lovely term of subjectivity. i.e. ’oh yes, good-breeding’. If I asked what does breeding mean to you then you may suggest strong sire to racing-type broodmare, or such like selective-breeding and more so, it should be measured mating and reproduction.

AB to BA = ABB or ABA or BAA or BAB or BABA , whatever, whatever. Get my drift?

The multiplexes will be extraordinarily intricate so it becomes necessary to thread the foundation strains through as strong, supportive as possible in building the pedigree structure.

How otherwise, does a magnificent individual display perfection?

Of course genetic inheritance is not programmable but athletic gems come no other way than strong ancestral pedigree in ‘soft’ matriarch measure through sons.

I indeed love ‘soft’ outcross pedigrees. They are like a diamond, expanding but enclosing requisite strains in such a way that is depth.

Old thoroughbred wonders like Hyperion, Gainsborough, Teddy, Blandford are the old superior rock stars reverberating their collective genetic-drums more roundly than Nearco, then Northern Dancer as engine complete.

Through commercial advancement, thoroughbreds have transformed generally to shorter distances, where speed/stamina is debatable with prominence aired to gambling-entertainment, syndication social ownerships, investment type breeding with a widening erraticism to sound female breeding, sound product, sound horse.

Whilst it is, what it is……..better or worse, favoured or not, the thoroughbred via purest, strongest strains in depth and concentration will always be the superior champion.