Examining thoroughbred sale catalogues always entertains a diamond-in-the-rough.

The ‘clue’ which can intrigue and warrant further inspection.

It’s warranted to say that true type and a presence should always astonish the magic. Its undefinable, but its ‘felt’.

Female families have always stood at the heart of sound breeding and recognizing strains to those families is increasingly ignored, and extremely underestimated where investment breeding has distorted familial breeding.

Old knowledge lost and breeding upon breeding for profit horses alone undoubtedly fetches waste.

Broodmare potential may become disadvantaged due to loss of concentrated lines within the generative cycle.


Admittedly the diamonds in the rough are few but researching breeding peculiarities will categorize principal factors which breeding software programs fail to distinguish.

The Principal factors are prime consistent breeding strains which are primal necessary to the thoroughbred machine. They are consistent and also indeterminate.

They do not appear in the immediate pedigree but re-surface upon need for diversity. It is the action of transposing genetics.

From past generations, they make appearance to impact upon the pedigree with vitality and will factor majorly from the 4th – 7th removes and beyond.

The finest to-date example of this inter-relating arrangement is American Pharaoh upon his inherited lines of Miss Dolphin (4-o) dam of Olympia (1974 – U. S. Leading broodmare sire) located at crucial matrilineal sections which improved and concentrated ever so subliminally.


The New Zealand pedigree version of a superior athlete (Mongolian Khan) progressed principally via 6-e strain aka Selene dam of Hyperion with strain association also via Big Game) upon nucleus family strains that integrate deeply by the earliest generations.

The matrilineal zones have prime importance’s which suggest how pedigree are assimilating the strains and genetic inheritability.

The pedigree clarifies into ancestral progression to what is forcefully influencing the offspring.

The trick is, to uncover the pedigree which has assembled with prime strains, and complementary strains at those upgraded stages to powerfully knit families. A fine example of this intricate relationship is Black Caviar’s pedigree.

Whilst the ‘paper’ pedigree provides a satisfactory recommendation, the physical phenotype must provide a clear representation of a thoroughbred to remove any reservation as the genetic wheel has invisibility.

Similarly if a model of thoroughbred perfection parades itself before your eyes, then details of family-strain pedigree can and will provide more accuracy how female families intertwine to innately yield the X-factor.