Over the last year TBL has become aware where the world-class genotype ‘profiles’ upon qualities which are not always ‘true’ to the conventional methodology: the in-bred, to the line-bred.

In our series we attempt to identify who/what/why they are. Some are ‘obvious’ Conduits or, Progenitors and, others are not.

TBL takes a consistent approach that the ‘strain’ or ‘trait’ is Everything: the parts are greater than the sum. A problem perpetuates further, where general focus is ‘maintained’ on an individual’s status, performance as either racing or sire rather than projecting, to identifying genotype qualities  & source, which gave. This principle is really along the lines of the Varola system, which has fallen by the wayside, to modernism & algorithms with demand of culture.

The first two of our Conduit series are late nights & black coffee reading: to an appreciation of fine-art breeding mechanics, which simply do not come transparent, of order, through algorithm. Algorithms of course, rely on mass data, to its historical account for the on-going benefits to investment breeding.

In borrowing Colin Hayes praise to the late, Australian bloodstock writer Ross du Bourg….Ross’s principles (I find) are the most logical & enthusiastically satisfying  “…..vigorous forward-looking attitude. Bourg has no interest in merely chronicling a dry archive of historical facts or of sitting calmly and safely on the fence. I feel he has tried constantly to interpret, evaluate and instruct”. The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred.

In like ‘fashion’ ….TBL has supported such practice and ethics, simply because this ‘logic’ has largely shifted to marketing/promotional campaigning.

Herewith, please enjoy our source of knowledge.

Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one

Conduit, of essential Difference (Part 2)

Conduit, of essential Difference (Part 3)

Conduits, of Essential Difference (part 4)

(please note the Conduit Series is an ongoing project…….)






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