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TBL – Geno-type Profiling (GTP) Racehorse pedigrees,  CONTENTS & SERVICE


 Pedigrees are evaluated, by our selective Principle, to the Practices as conveyed by  articles/blogs over the years. The breeding influencing TOTAL pedigree i.e. maternal traits to sire.

Where possible and if requested to do so TBL can assess phenotype appeal and impression by sire. TBL service places an extreme importance to genotype+phenotype=prototype.

Should you require the conventional breed-planning algorithm solutions etc – sorry, go elsewhere.

It cannot be considered as commercial or as bloodstock advice, or of any other.

→ You are further advised to Consult your preferred bloodstock professional or racehorse management team. However you can choose to go through our referral.

No Refund on Information supplied.

Disclaimer applies in all circumstances.

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Privacy – TBL respects your privacy rights. We do not pass out private details email, phone etc. Our ‘communication’ is always to the topical relevancy of this site. TBL cannot be held accountable or responsible for any matter or activity due to unlikely events of scams or those 3rd party methods and those ‘acting’ without our knowledge or consent.

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