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Unbeaten in 16 races, Ribot was no longer allowed to participate because he ruined the bets.

Federico Tesio remarks:

his head is long & heavy

his ears reminiscent of mistreated paper bags

he’s impressed by playful antics of his ‘il piccolo’

He (Ribot) develops

Inharmoniously built, and too shorter horse

The family tree – descriptive to the 3 ancestors states Ribot runs with a rabbit style like his ancestor St Simon, whom had 16 ribs and 6 lumbar vertebrae. He (Ribot) has twice the lung volume of a normal thoroughbred. After a 1800m gallop his pulse rate is 85 to 90 and after 2 hours his pulse and blood pressure are back to normal.

 As if some button had been pressed to set in motion a marvellous mechanism, the small, stocky Ribot seemed to double his pace (credit – October 15, 1956 Andre Languerre)

Tesio believes in choosing the right sire for the right mare by practically applying his own impressions regarding the size, conformation, the temperament and the individuality, as a whole, of each animal…


Tenerani who married Romanella

A Gallop from God

Milan 1957, Ribot’s last performance, Sir Winston Churchill is present. Churchill says “Don’t give your money to your children, maybe they’re wasting it, give it to a horse.

credit: blog & Spiegel 5, 1957

Tesio’s artwork.

to give his breed the myth of Invincibility

Ribot was beyond theory and the pedigree-program.

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