It’s always been unavoidable where many stallions sink into obscurity.

Their replacement is the freshman sire.

Considerable research into International Sire’s – stallions lines to sons, daughter mares across breeding terrains preside to homogenous.

The earnest searching for the true outcross is thoroughly difficult.

Review the Derby winners…the first impression we get is that they are bred in a heterogeneous manner

Bloodstock Breeding – Sir Charles Leicester

What sires will have a breeders support (?) Is it pinned, directed by sprinter-modern v. classic-traditionalist ?

The classic backsliding continues Variance diversity lesser (p.40), and one’s conclusions are the undefined short/long-term crossroad.

The Breed shapers that came n’ saw, changed TB’s forever as referenced upon Northern Dancer and Mr Prospector has todays chef-de-race sires. To the thoroughbred pool, significant other international contributors emerge. Some, unsuspectingly.

Coursing thru generations, the importance shall always remain to evaluating female family bloodlines. The matriarchal productivity, her blueblood genotype & should it ever become science absolute determinable, it clearly remains potential is genuinely consanguineous. (Good honest South American view here.)

Any breeder supervises quality and Function and Functionality. Racehorse function is speed, however phenotype functionality is the ultimate determination.

Functionality is the individual’s ‘conversion’ towards step-frequency & step-length.

A champion fires a natural proficiency. A stride of a champion is consistency.

Secretariat’s stride.

Analysis and Technology compares what the elite are born to.

Then why pedigree analysis?

A continuity at breeding speed has in tact always its backbone of stamina bloodlines. The finer point – a pedigree by generation is trans-mutative consequential.

Cross speed with stamina, find middle-distance ability, now that is the guiding hand.