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With every reason to further comprehend genotype integrity; the distinction(s) between investment breeding products, or scoring well at the low-end, sings the praise of a solid purchase.

A paltry $2000 purchase, turns out G1 product over 1400m.

Before n’ After

Sierra Sue (NZ) – a 5 yo mare is categorically the grand example to where/how/why genetics work through critical mass, mitochondrial DNA to focus the dam. The focal points are specifics, where IT happens ie Wilkes 5sx5Dx6D

Sierra Sue (NZ) by Darci Brahma from Centree (Centaine)

Sierra Sue Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Vain 4dx5D – Wilkes by Court Martial (CM lines 6S x 6D x 7d x 7D x 8D x 8D via Lyphard, Truly Vain + Wilkes.

Come the marvellous superior – their genetics ‘govern’ to note Centree’s broodmare sire, Centaine by Century in geno- frame is undoubtedly, a My Babu conduit.

Pathway genetics = potent progenitors

Add in Wilkes, add in Star Kingdom, add in Hyperion one can’t beat those rock n’ rollers of pedigrees.

Enjoy good times.