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The genetic character to Westbury Stud’s sire Tarzino continues to unveil a suspicion – this instinctual nudge not to be ignored.

The TBL research has pushed at a greater prototype that unravels or comes upon dominant ones – alleles’ doing a job.

Utilizing prototype ancestral to arrive how family lines or, what shoots above the rest, has consistence more than middling.

–  late 2020 research alerted that backbone stability unfolds its genetic chain towards speed and stamina.

Evaluating pedigree compels one to realize these non-specific, rather pre-ordained and though we might consider breeding has steps 1.2.3….. it reinforced where trying too hard to exploit speed excluding everything else, is reckless.

In the positive-sense, back-up, prototype strains are highly zig-zag dangerous. Thus, immersion to ascend – Hurry On builds constitution.

The clarity comes often too late…yet, what provides PRO-GENITOR relationship has the defining & lasting genus.

The paradox – how can it be anything else?

It is the at-foot patterns, nicking between ‘at-work’. The knit of why one compels the nick, to another.

Science considers mutational changes to average’s 11-12 generation cycle – this evolutionally plants the character: the building of generational makeup.

As posted → je-ne-sais-quoi: Tarzino (NZ) TBL reckoned the sire would be a game-changer.

Tarzino has a target to his bloodlines that parallel alike. i.e. Djebel/Tourbillon. Like French breeding was – finest Derby winners astutely bred astute, designed to  professional winning alongside long-developed patience.


His 2 year old progeny are pre-training trial phrase. This NZ racing video Tarzino-Espresso Cavallo gelding exemplifies what is in store. Additionally, sizing genotype pedigree perfecto hits the nail on the head forLe Fabuleux (FR) keys the dams pro-genitor relationship backwards to its invisible thread falling upon Neil Gow by Marco and Beppo by Marco, Beppo is the maternal grand-sire of Gay Crusader (GB) and he the sire of Loika, the dam of Djebel. There lays the plait.

The trait, tied to its breeding clearly underpins a sport horse fit for racing adeptness.

(Tarzino photo credits by TBL)

(945) 2015 TARZINO VRC DERBY – YouTube


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