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Kingston Rule by Secretariat out of Rose of Kingston by Claude (ITY).

the young colt grew up in Kentucky on the property of its Australian, owner/breeder merchant banker David Hains. Sent to France for a racing career he didn’t fire. The Secretariat colt was shipped to Sydney, to stables of Tommy Smith only to be ‘sent home’ for his poor runs. Only way is ‘up’ and onwards to the ‘famed’ Melbourne Cup stables of Bart Cummings: this nervy, awkward shy youngster was a job to be understood and this was Bart’s training forte. Let him be happy.

Could he ever be a contender for the Melbourne Cup?

In those ten ‘working’ months under Bart’s watchful eye, the colt not only won but busted the 1990 Melbourne Cup course record and added to that, his jockey Darren Beadman had not touched him with the whip.

What a heart-pulsing superior performance: Kingston Rule winning the 1990 Melbourne cup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpkNeon_qQU

Kingston Rule still holds the record today – the winning time of 3 minutes 16.3 seconds.

     – With the look of eagles in his eye and copper lights in his coat, Kingston Rule seemed too pretty, too brittle, to be a contender. Bart made him one. Les Carlyon Turf writer

To stud-breeding matters, plenty of eyebrows where raised when owner-breeder David Hains imported a thirteen year old stallion Claude (Hornbeam – Aigue Vive, by Le Filou’s sire, Vatellor) from the  Tesio brand, Dormello Stud, to stand at his Kingston Park Stud, south of Melbourne.

Hains was trusting his co-advisor the Australian golfing legend Norman von Nida whom, had turned his greater interest to horse-breeding. He prior told Hains, to the development of Hain’s breeding operation “This is the Place for a horse stud. I’ll buy the horses.”

Together, in another vein, David Hains with confidante Norman von Nida where to become the Australian version, to the ways of Federico Tesio.

The import stallion Claude, was an unbeaten Italian stayer, a sturdy type. He was to become the sire of mare, Rose of Kingston (AUS), a Australian Horse of the Year. Her achievements here

Together Hains & von Nida worked well, with reason to follow & import lesser known stout bloodlines to the australian soil. They stood behind these horses and many doubted the breeding product(s) as went the lack of appeal to another: Lowan Star, a multiple Australian Gr.1 winner (Lowan Star  (Biscay – Ursula Lauderdale (ITY) by Claude.

Hains had placed an official reserve of $18,000 on her. Bidding stopped well short of this at $12,500 and Lowan Star was led out of the ring unsold¹

And extraordinarily another great, & Australian Horse Racing Hall of Fame

They could have had Kingston Town for $8,000 that day: that was the official reserve price placed on him. Lack lustre bidding crept towards $5,000 and stayed there²

With Kingston Town we’ve had the stars and I don’t think we deserved the moon…but we’ve got it³

Their innovative breeding skills came together through their study of finest classic; the Italian genes evolved by Federico Tesio had paved legacy – influencing ability with far reaching effect. Like produces like…

To this scrutiny re: genotype, patterns and supremacy it even stunned this writer what ‘fired’ to Kingston Rule, through those delicious depths of female distaff.

As Les Carlyon had stated “the theory of breeding and the the reality of the racetrack were one.”

Kingston Rule said much to be like his sire in phenotype, but the prototype lays it bare…

Where the diamond is forever it is because atoms do not change.

–  there is the invincible prototype to the symmetry of these horses, the superior thoroughbred.


Martha’s daughters… and Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum

Kingston Rule thru 5th dam, inbred 2x’s to Carbine (f.f.2h) by Musket (f.f. 3) via his son Wallace (AUS) , the female family 3. These 3 ‘roots’ are endowed ( oversimplified explanatory) as to their Bylerley turk origin.

– 4th dam sire Powerscourt (AUS) to his 3rd dam sire Trenton, by Musket. Powerscourt 2nd dam grand-sire Ayrshire (Hampton by Lord Clifden, from the Martha Lynn dam family. 

– Better Boy (IRE) 3x’s Ayrshire ⇒ 10x’s Lord Clifden + include the 8x’s Bend Or, where his dam is thus correctly, genetically proven to the Clemence/Martha Lynn line. n.b. this Bend Or factor totally trans-figures, inter-locks every known pedigree.

– Hornbeam 4th dam grand-sire Trenton by Musket. 2nd dam sire Bois Roussel, his dam Plucky Leige by Spearmint by Carbine by Musket.

– Nearco, 2nd dam by Spearmint by Carbine by Musket.

Kingston Rule died in 2011. Here is a delightful video one month before his passing.

more about Kingston Park Stud archives, refer here

¹ , ² source: Ross du Bourg The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred

³ David Hains