When the TBL site began – the ‘mission’ went to educate people whom knew little of  pedigree to the complexities of breeding through a layman’s eye.

Over the years, my mission has not changed.

People are eager always, to obtain more to pedigree substance. It is often indicated where pedigree programs have replaced the need for such subtleness – the algorithm will do it for them.

From old to new, there comes plentiful commentary how to interpret a pedigree & how to determine ‘what’ individuals drive overall, the pedigree’s vitality.

It is all very well appraising which superior, champion horse upon its performance and achievement gave the impetus to another already proven, champ pedigree. It is however, another ‘thing’ to project forward and keep the genetics turning favourably.

It would seem many a novice breeder, to commercial breeding thrives upon an inbreeding formula without fully comprehending why they doing it or decisively, what they are intending to achieve from it.

And oddly, I have yet to receive an answer…

This  1972 New Zealand Racehorse publication treasure below is edited, ‘cut’ and copied. These where the golden years of diligent breeding, to its explanation where the Breeders Intention and Principle is truly placed.

A Simple Explanation of Inbreeding Virtues.

The whole idea of inbreeding involves type fixation.

No system of such inbreeding has ever been evolved in the thoroughbred which produces 100% perfection.

What inbreeding is guaranteed to do is another matter. It exposes the homozygote and the degenerate animals produced from all such matings.

Breeders from the Royal Academy of thoroughbred genealogy are possessive of the knowledge and technique involved in distinguishing those lines designated as of homozygous composition against the heterozygous. 

These technical decisions are assessed directly from the pedigree, from the conformation, turf ability, and later in the brood mare paddocks.

…..from a faultless composition of the most desirable racing and breeding qualities it is to 1)Inbreed for speed and type fixation and 2) to outbreed for vigour, genetic contrast and 16f. staying ability.



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