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∗It will come as little surprise, we’re identifying Sunday Silence/Halo as conduit(s).

Their breeding effects, particularly to Japan’s breeding stock, how they have reaped & sowed genetic opportunity, on-wards to another called Deep Impact and also their broodmare sire extraordinaire.

& then Strength & Courage, left Magic all alone….

Here…I won’t re-visit their breeding to racing media-journalism but rather, driving at genetic breeding through a different prism, which is based to genetic ‘trait’ profiling.

– why they (Halo, Sunday Silence) are placed to a top of the pyramid.  Where Is, the gene, in the genetic bottle?

Genomics might want to ‘own’ / ‘claim’ it, such a sacred gene & such a discovery, is to cash in.

(side note commentary: genomics….. from experience to farming stock/ livestock breeding how breeding values (beef, dairy) went evaluated upon high-producing yields in lesser amount of days (young maturity) those generations thereof, dwindled, to weak and small.
Those ‘isolated’ breeding-values, kissed goodbye an ‘across’ diversity. A home-breeder knows his trade to individual maternal lines; peculiar robust traits which have them naturally, strong, individuals. The breeding… bred onwards, and passed to their progeny.)

Does any of this sound familiar, to you? 

Whilst many appraise racehorse pedigrees, the matter-of-fact analysis, of ‘naming’ to family relationship with an authenticity from either ancestral or collective dosages; the warranting of pedigree, verified by algorithms to correct nicking patterns….has methods  many, to its interpretation.

The distinguishing ‘wow’ factor is ‘what’ strikes progenitor dominance which will over-ride all and ‘how’ it is expressing itself upon progeny.

The ‘progeny’ is not just to be like his ‘daddy’: but going above the sire, going above the mare (termed ‘upgrading’) – to the bred, aptitude of ultimate expression. I have applied aptitude of ultimate expression, a dynamic which Transcends, the primordial calling, DNA.

Let it not be forgotten, the complexities to hybrid-breeding are far-reaching, and utopia keeps entertaining of what has the ideal.

The racing-terrain today, has (as I have prior expressed) an extreme demanding, to unforgiving paradigm: mature early, run early, high-cruise, stay, sprint, enduring the punishing attachment to precocious athleticism.

So backtrack the idea to pedigrees….let’s suppose, our expected ideologies to pedigree are stuck: the rips and rising tides, the shifts and changes of genetic furnaces going under, to surface elsewhere.

Awkwardly, little is acknowledged to the mechanics: (energetically) bio-mechanical ACTION, the horses ‘natural’ demeanor for the job ‘we’ demand it to. And… something only a rider shall experience, ‘how it feels…’. Fluidity is akin to the tai-chi master.

And it is here, the perfect arrangement of genotype to phenotype, goes to tiny detail – the gait, the balance, the ease of a panther on the hunt.

TBL has been at great pains to ‘push’; ‘express’ genotype & express the phenotype – to a ultimate type for such extraordinary ability we want. And…frankly, if the breeder is not accepting such a logical responsibility, what is he doing carries only a numbers breeding exercise.

Sunday Silence/Halo – breeding ‘representatives’: carriers of-the finest. How/why-so???

Halo, inbred/linebred to Blue Larkspur as linebred through the family-maternal via Padua ( she an ancestress of B.L>Black Servant, Raise a Native, Relic. )

This is the obvious: now to the not obvious….. (note, to deeply comprehend, these genetic ‘Runnings’ you shall need to prior read/explore Conduits 

  1. Halo by Hail to Reason by Turn-To by Royal Charger (ff 9c) from Sun Princess by Solario (ff. 26) his dam’s sire Sundridge. Sun Princess → Mumtaz Begum → Lady Jospehine by Sundridge.
  2.  Admiral Drake → Craig an Eran → Sunstar by Sundridge from Sierra from Sanda
  3.  Phalaris from Bromus by Sainfoin, his dam Sanda
  4.  Blue Larkspur, dam’s sire Northstar by Sunstar by Sundridge
  5.  Man O’ War from Mahubah by Rock Sand by Sainfoin
  6.  Cosmic Bomb – Pharamond/Phalaris from Bromus by Sainfoin (further note Pharamond dam the Selene/Gondolette female family 6-e, in-bred by Madame Eglentine through her siring sons, Rosicrucian & The Palmer, to female family 5-i.
  7.  Over There from Summer Girl by Sundridge
  8.  The grand-dam Almahmoud,  by Mahmoud, the dam-line, to Lady Jospehine, by Sundridge

To: Sunday Silence from dam Wishing Well by Understanding – distinguish the following:

  1.  Understanding/Promised Land to Mahmoud i.e. Sundridge
  2.  Promised Land to 3rd dam by Tetratema to broodmare sire, Symington, the grand dam by The Palmer (f.f. 5-i) 
  3. Understanding – the broodmare sire Stymie, to grand-sire Equipoise (the f.f. 5j) links back, to Diversion, same ancestress to female family 5-i
  4.  Man O War 3x (as per above)
  5.  grand-dams sire Montparnasse to Hyperion from Selene (f.f. 6e) inbred to female family 5-i, ancestress Diversion
  6.  Khaled/Hyperion from Selene
  7.  Wishing Well, the elite Cinna line, her grand dam Baroness La Fleche → Rosicrucian (f.f. 5-i)


Halo/Sunday Silence/ Deep Impact from Wind In Her Hair

  1. 4th maternal-dam, by Hyperion from Selene et al.
  2.  4th dam maternal, maternal sire Hyperion
  3.  6 strains, total to Selene, of the f.f. 6e i.e. Serenissma/Gondolette strain/traits/infusion
  4.  the sire Alzao / Court Martial by Fair Trial by Phalaris. Fair Trial from Lady Juror from Lady Josephine by Sundridge. Fair Trial (4x’s).
  5.  sire, Alzao to Sir Ivor to Turn To ( Royal Charger/Solario/Craig an Eran ) et al

These subtle/discreet patterns are luminary.

Draw your attention to one, Northern Dancer – find the trait, find the harmony.

  1. Nearctic’s 4th sire – Phalaris (Sainfoin, dam Sanda)
  2.  Broodmare sire – Hyperion from, Selene
  3.  dam’s sire – Native Dancer by Polynesian → Sickle from Selene
  4.                                                                           Dam Blue-grass → Rock Sand (by Sainfoin)
  5.  Polymelian, dam by Sundridge
  6.  Mahmoud, the dam-line to Lady Josephine by Sundridge.

For Australasian TBL readers “there was once upon a time, an ugly duckling, which nobody wanted, so in the end, he got sold for a measly sum.” He was the 1982-1983 Australia Horse of the Year. His name Gurner’s Lane.

Gurner’s Lane genotype went through Sir Tristram (Selene), Sabaean from Selene (i.e. f.f. 6e) to his dam Taiona, to 5th dam Hauteur (sire line Tracery/Rock Sand) → Absurb by Sundridge. To further note – Hauteur’s sire, Demosthenes (f.f. 5i) from dam, Carlen → ancestress Diversion.

Another Australasian racing great, the mighty Might and Power (Zabeel) features genotype to Her Most Serene Highness, Selene. But why oh why, do I not see the Selene bottom-line factoring in todays modern pedigrees? Has ‘she’ all but disappeared – perhaps you can help me there!?

Zabeel (Sir Tristram) will be our next Conduit subject!! (stay tuned)


Staphanos (JPN) by Deep Impact, grand-daddy Halo. Halo, was known for a shark-eye – it was the way he would look at you…



an eye for a Halo eye…the sire Bullbars, whose broodmare sire is Singspiel, whose dam sire is Halo.



my time to hit the sack….cheers