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5000 year old pedigree

The Thoroughbred Link (TBL) began after fifteen years of pedigree analysis to seek finer detail: plausible theory what actually differentiated a well-bred thoroughbred to the superior race-horse; particularly one which had defied ‘its own breeding’.

TBL fostered an entire & inclusive appreciation establishing ancestral blood-lines as they progressed & evolved through generational cycles.

The supposition held : every superior racing, typified a ‘perfect’ pedigree template which held unrealized or valuable information towards classic thoroughbred breeding.

The breakthrough came with Black Caviar. Her pedigree went beyond the in-breeding to Vain, Silly Season, where other ‘core’ co-female families/relationships pave the way towards greater dynamic contribution establishing ‘depth’. This has been the criteria utilized to re-discover or conclude the ‘missing link’.

“By disregarding the recti-linear approach & to largely assess upon multi-dimensional layers as accumulated in Black Caviar’s genetic make-up, provides a freshened genetic landscape to ponder.”  Jane Bielski @ The Thoroughbred Link

“Lowe, that tireless Australian student of breeding, could hardly have anticipated how some families would weaken and others improve. But if time and the enormous growth of the world thoroughbred population was to remove the validity of his order of merit, his system of numbering the surviving maternal thoroughbred families remains a valuable reference guide.” Tapestry of Turf: The History of New Zealand Racing by John Costello & Pat Finnegan

TBL appreciated the attributed  Bruce-Lowe numbers, up-took  as ‘strains’ and condensed inheritance when applied as complementary parallel influences granting a pedigree its greater capacity.

TBL established core strains are necessary: the nucleus for stamina. As the preceding lines are bred or fused in, the female pedigree takes arrangement through that of the sire.

This area of research has high significance. It is to differentiate from sound-breeding, to the distinctive plus. Generally the exceptional pedigree has an almost remote relationship but with nucleus genetic depth due to affiliation in kind.

Understanding ‘lines’, is not merely looking for  ‘nicks’. The aim: a prototype to bring forth differentiation in the pedigree-grid where it also complements as to gain access to latent nature of origin where ‘strains’ both supplement and dominant the hybrid without diffusing.


Breeding is a dynamic process in a natural cycle.


Unidentified genetic potential  sits and waits or climaxes. It is delivered by breeding which precisely strikes upon that genetic significance which appreciates origin-at-source plus, collective families.

The greatest genotypes ancestral and contemporary  each tell a story whether in-bred, outcrossed, line-bred or back-bred where superior strains like ‘markers’ remain remarkably consistent.

The  configurations run respectively,  providing  recognized genetic depth between participating families.

Breeding may take an exercise of ‘inexact science’ however persistent genetic supremacy reigns dependably.



The Thoroughbred Link discusses superior thoroughbreds: their examples how efficient superior breeding for champions is ultimately mastered.


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