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To the modern thoroughbred, & the never forgotten….& of other, odd miscellany. (to continue…)

The alert, strong captivating head of Dancing Brave. (Lyphard – Navajo Princess f.f. 3-d). European horse of the year & champion 3year cold in England & France 1986

Sainfoin & Sundridge – where & how ‘speed’ originated. (






He was Australia’s glamour colt – Vain. “he was a big framed horse” said, Bill Skelton



With distinguishing High Chaparral/Sadlers Wells phenotype – this is Wrote (IRE), (High Chaparral – Desert Classic ex-Green Desert. His pedigree has Special 4s x4d, his dam of same family Thong (f.f. 5h). Kris 4s x 4d to be noted per stands in New Zealand @ Highview Stud. (photo by TBL)





The Deep Impact son & sire Staphanos (JPN)  from Koboshnik (JPN). Take note, to Staphanos’s ‘shark eye’ trait, as described by Arthur Hancock of his great grand-sire Halo. Staphanos stands in New Zealand at Novara Park. Photo by TBL




 Little Tittle-Tattle Tales…

He Said That…….“She has the neck of a Duchess, and the arse of a cook” – good ol’ Bart Cummings aptly describing the undefeated, world-famous sprinter, her name BLACK CAVIAR

well that’s our kiwi history for ya’……..its 1884 on the New Plymouth (N.Z) course with no running rails, the stewards report is filed “we had a spot of bother one day when a horse ran off the course and ran into a woman holding a pram. The lady was killed but the baby and a dog in the party escaped unharmed. credit source – Jack Glencarry’s Racing Miscellany


This one had all sorts of problems as a youngster – an accident with a fence that endangered his life, and a wind affliction. On top of that he was an ugly foal. He was not good enough for the sale ring and eventually was sent….for $7000. They named him Gurner’s Lane the 1982-83 Australian Horse of the Year.


“Pedigree analysis is ALL IMPORTANT. If we selected high school kids by body beautiful and then sent them into training for performance events, I doubt if we would ever win a gold, silver or bronze medall at the Olympics. Of course, deformities cannot be accepted but minor conformation faults should be tolerated” Noel Hickey, USA owner-breeder-trainer to Owner-Breeder magazine


“I’m through in front and travelling kindly. Two taps on the neck, that’ll keep him going. The earth rumblings continue, somethings’ coming. No matter. There’s the post, they can’t take this one away from me. And as I past the post I get that familiar exhilarating feeling: I’m home.” Bill Skelton img_20191023_110034-011819968009.jpeg



Quotes to People and Horses

“A fool and his money are easily parted” – to stallion fashion, & selling

“Tell me more about the Running Rein scandal,” said Sir Tatton (1844, after the St.Leger)

“For the less sophisticated, the hybrid racehorse is leading them a merry dance” – Jack Glengarry commentary

“You should never compare the greats, just appreciate them” – Bart Cummings

“Owning a racehorse is great, as long as it keeps supplying money like an ATM” – At The Track, Barry & Alan Wood

“It is difficult to convince many breeders that it is possible to ‘over egg the pudding” Ross du Bourg

“Constant rise-and-fall in the genetic landscape is one of the perennial fascinations of bloodstock breeding.” – Ross du Bourg

“The mood the Melbourne Cup generates is a wondrous thing. It just happens; no one wrings it out….the Cup is like Ned Kelly and Gallipoli, is part of the national consciousness”. Les Carlyon – racing journalist 1982

“I don’t buy expensive yearlings. Wait until the third day, by which time the Australians will have run out of money.” anonymous lawyer

“I am paying $50,000 for an ugly horse with a cut mouth. But he can still run like a tiger.” owner remarks to NZ gelding Igloo. (1972)


“I was mentally preparing my acceptance speech until KIWI came along.” Jockey Robert Heffernan (the rider of the defeated Noble Comment) commenting to Kiwi’s Melbourne Cup win 1983.




Highflyer – an epitah

Here lies the third of the equestrian race,
That ne’er was conquered on the Olympic plain;
Herod, his sire, who but to few gave place,
Rachel, his dam, his blood without a stain.
By his prolific deeds was built a court,
Near where famed Ely’s lofty turrets rise,
To the famed sultan would all ranks resort
To stir him up to am’rous enterprise.
To these three patriarchs the turf shall owe
The long existence of superior breed,
That blood in endless progeny shall flow,
To give the lion’s strength, and roebuck speed.

writer unknown,  *The third, three patriarchs* refers to Childers & Eclipse.



The justly celebrated stallion,
Highflyer is now no more
He breathed his last on the 18th
and takes from his owner at least
a thousand, or twelve hundred,
a year.

Sporting Magazine 1793



Here Lieth,
The perfect and beautiful symmetry
Of the much lamented
By whom,
and his wonderful off-spring,
The celebrated Tattersall acquired
A noble fortune,
But was not ashamed to acknowledge it.

Richard Tattersall’s epitah- Sporting Magazine 1795








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