The Legacy Program

The Thoroughbred Link raises awareness to preservation & diversity of the thoroughbred and to eliminate increased risk of disappearing lines particularly those to stayer and stamina PLUS those individuals not considered profitable.

We consider these & their genetic-breeding traits & evaluations are not yet fully appreciated – where it is only a matter of time that science progresses to publish the benefit.

    –  Invitation to List – should you have a TB Sire line (outside of Nearco) or an ancestral,  classic broodmare bloodline that needs preservation, please consider placing it on our site. Go to Contact, (subject line #LP) if interested. (it is free)

– to your #LP request please provide its profile, ownership & location & contact details!

‘nature provides a reason for living and something to live for’ Mark Twain


DISCOVER –  The Cinna Legacy R & D Program

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