TBL analysis for the superior-bred


TBL would be absolutely delighted to help – because you are not to miss out on a opportunity hiding!

Thoroughbred Genotype Analysis (TGA) will help to further your knowledge &  evaluate. Great for what syndication, what horse? – sale-catalogue opportunities, be it yearling, ready-to-run or that special broodmare.

Your selections or a TBL recommendation. A quick assessment is all you need before you commit. A second opinion invariably helps!

You are invited to discuss your requirements.

Go to Contact and be confident your selections and choice(s) are optimized.


TBL advises you can still consult with your preferred bloodstock agent, an authorized Syndication Management and or horse trainer upon any TBL recommendation.

Pattern-profiles are according to the principles & practices within this site – namely, The Thoroughbred Link and its Thoroughbred Genetic Analysis.

TBL cannot assure any accuracy, guarantee or warranty upon final results due to the subjective nature of horses, & thoroughbred breeding.

Thank you.



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