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TBL Genotype Pedigrees – (NZ) Tips n’ Selections to Ready to Run

*filly – 3 picks + 1 bonus *gelding – 2 picks +1 bonus *colt – 2 picks + 2 bonus This package expires 21st November.


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Approximately, 4% selections – TBL genotypes to ACTION phenotype per breeze-up footage @ Ready to Run 2 year old, NZ

The selections are:

Fillies – 3 picks + 1 bonus

Geldings – 2 picks +1 bonus

Colts – 2 picks + 2 bonus

Commentary: fillies with an X factor appeal. A couple smaller, but so was Winx (at first) and we really rate 2 of those selected. Another a ‘classic’ family by a sire going well…Geldings come up light but one of these prospects has a Te Akau Shark family & it by a upcoming, stand-out sire. Strong colt factors and unsurprisingly it majorly came through Street-Cry attribute. Another suggests a serious racehorse and by sire, it attests well to his quality.
Few handy-value, colt selections. Their genotype pedigrees have excellence, but phenotype impression left questions.

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