TBL Purpose

It is widely accepted where Northern Dancer across Mr Prospector sire line, wrote itself as the global domineering cross.

Clearly, these global popular strains are common-ground. However, breeding  will always penetrate at hybrid-variability, rather than the ‘planned’ mating.

A variability occurs via the sire, re-stimulated from the maternal family headed by grand-dams & great-grand dams creating their successful sons.

Successful nick ‘lines’ breed on with co-affinity.

New, & everyday commercial type breeding (for profit and investment) has introduced many appealing stallions. Many are with commonality ‘lines’ to either global stallions or blue-hen lines.

Commerciality breeding markets ‘sire’ replicating progeny by ‘prospect’.

From the old dominant ‘blood(s)’, the ideas to breeding have much morphed into siring and racing performance alone. This ‘benchmark’ is natural however can overlook great ‘productive’ mares through unawareness of arising potential.

It is tragic for the ‘owner’ and thoroughbred broodmare where her tap-root line is lost or forgotten simply because “one, was not to know…” or what it meant.


Tavistock/Zarzino(by Zabeel) colt sold for $400,000 at Karaka. Zarzino was purchased in-foal for $1500. Her other Tavistock colt is Tarzino 2015 VRC Victoria Derby winner & 2016 Rosehill Guineas winner. Zarzino’s strain is 3-e, her ancestral dam is Cinna.

 photo by The Thoroughbred Link

Thrilling as it is to breed for investment, the ethos brings to breeding a practice of production which may quietly distract what is truly distinctive about maternal heritage & the principle applied to the natures of breeding (in cycles).

TBL is dedicated to the truer purpose of breeding – champions!


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