Placement Services

Our Placement Service –  advising Racehorse Ownership, to ‘best-fit’ syndicate on offer.

TBL services are to: –

  • study the genotype pedigree (per TBL pedigree note principles)
  • esteem the phenotype presented
  • consider its ‘genotype-value’ across i.e. merits to breeding
  • help or, advise solutions
  • advise to ‘best fit’ Syndication

You may decide (where you wish) your preference/options to your areas of interest.

To consider –

  • Colt or filly by certain sire(s)
  • Syndicator or trainer
  • Country/state
  • Communication factor
  • Enjoyment factor
  • any factor you shall consider important

Should you be representing a group, consider #get10 

Remember, our services fee maybe shared amongst your team.

Our service fee – $NZ1500.00 (NZ syndicated offers) (n.b. conditions may apply on value of purchase to syndications buy-in)

  •      $150.00 each for 10 persons
  •      $300.00 each for 5 persons
  •      $750.00 each for 2 persons

Australia  – services fee $NZ1850.00 (to Australian syndicated offers)

  • $185.00 each for 10 persons
  • $370.00 each for 5 persons
  • $925.00 each for 2 persons

International – on application

note: we are not responsible to any fee to those advertised & or, those attached to the Syndication investment and costs.

Be advised to read your Financial Disclosure Statements carefully. This is YOUR responsibility.

To our services fee, we require 50% deposit which is non-refundable and 50% remaining payable when consultation is complete.

– we simply look for ‘highest’ quality horse 

please Note: – Pattern-profiling goes according to the principles & practices within this site.

Please read Disclaimer with Terms & Conditions

Take a wander here The Syndication TipSTAR

Looking forward to finding you a great racehorse. 



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