About Genotype Pedigree

The Thoroughbred Link employs female families as key to homozygosity.

The term ‘vigour’ is identifying the constitutional breeding traits behind. (i.e. speed factor without stamina has a racehorse without capability  or stamina ability without a cruising ‘speed’ function has not that capability. Regrettably some racehorses are raced on-speed aptitude to a shorter distance where there genotype factors are undoubtedly defined by, stayer/stamina distance. 

Dominant or vigorous females through sons and daughters; their multiple lines are determinable to gender balance the pedigree.

Whilst speed has the aim –  sire & mare should be sized/complementary to the ‘dominant’ characters  inclusive to the measure of inbreeding or genetic regeneration.

These generational phrases upgrading (or downgrading) transmit the quality. The inbreeding is to transmit what is gauged as desirable trait to ‘build’ pedigree. By same token it needs to be measured to the necessary degrees of hybrid factors,

Our belief is where dominant allelles are at the very ‘core’ to the superior horse,

From genotype pedigree, the inheritable factors the phenotype (physique) shall ‘present rightly or wrongly…

It is then to note efficiency and economical ‘physics’ of the animal i.e. the flexibility to a walk or holds its ‘presence’, the temperament presented.

Place it all together as to equate its ‘balance’ and an undefining presence that conveys the unique individual.

Always search  the ‘strength’ & bone, strong shoulder, length of croup and good length of hip with a good head and eye to match. These hand-in-hand are  the intelligence, agility and propulsion to gallop.