The Thoroughbred Link has independent views towards thoroughbred pedigree analysis. Its content is based on personal philosophy, experience (livestock breeding and as taught by farming/breeding genetics through my late father. It is also of research and at best, deduced through the last fifteen years, as subject.

The Thoroughbred Link is not a group. It is solely written and the reflections thereof.

Whilst TBL/we/’I’ is public, ‘I’, also means my given name – Jane S. Bielski.

Blogs and blogging are a social community to be read and at best respected.

The TBL blogs, its information ‘herein’ has no necessity to be ‘liked’ or to be commented right, wrong, agreed or otherwise.

I regard the blogs as ‘useful’, thoughtful, practical exercise. Content is highly specific.

It is unfortunate however, readers, will research TBL material to convey upon their own, be it an opinion, belief for publication.

I treat it as an ethical offense where those individuals are not in some form, acknowledging the ‘source’ – the options at least, to hit ‘like’ if contents should so please them ‘correct’.

TBL blogs usually take over a week to put together: research, checking, re-checking credible sources and paying technology expenses. I try to ‘credit’ references best as possible.

It is ‘why’ Contact and Disclaimer is included on TBL blogs/articles.

*In the future, the page Diktat shall also be added, read & Understood.

Thank you.











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