Strains & maternal families

“Through examination of the present top 50 world’s best racehorses, it is evident that the superior individual will carry abundant irreplaceable family strains. This is unmistakable, as the finest winning Thoroughbreds have dominant family strains highly consistent.”

Sadly, relevance of female family numbers – as ‘usefulness’ towards analysing pedigrees of modern thoroughbreds has declined.

The genotype pedigree is like a map. It is vastly detailed and is determined by intricacies of inter-relationship families, where strains infuse.

The ‘sweet-spot’ becomes the successful nick.

“Successful bred horses may tend to be explained via family configuration of specific complementary ‘strains’, to a newer prototype taken from the genetic rotations. This appears to magnify the unobvious link in skilled breeding, as they mark the definitive factors elementary to the individual pedigree: its success.”                                   commented by TBL

The configuration of family strains, has a most exciting approach to realize a champion racehorse.


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