Strains & maternal families

The genotype pedigree to familial breeding finds a map:  of a similarity to the mit DNA halotype origins.

It is determined by intricacies of inter-relationship families and where dominant strains rule. Bloodline relationships, the principle of homogozity through in-breeding or line-breeding may explain ‘breeding’ but also runs effects “too little, or too much” dosage.

Strains and traits via, maternal families through a merging/blending and also through progenitor or conduits ‘vitalize’ or upgrade. It is imperative they ‘appear’ and catalyze a superior pedigree.

The nature to catalyze, invigorate genotype pedigree is a point, sorely missed by many.

The behavior to breeding-traits is the weaponry to choose, decisively. In other words going beyond an average bred horse.

“Successful bred horses may tend to be explained via maternal configuration of specific complementary ‘strains’. Acting as definitive markers it aids to magnify the unobvious link to superior breeding.” –  TBL

It is a most exciting approach to achieve a champion racehorse.

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