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Rousing when a local-yocal bred product internationally spotlights.

Our subject is sprinter-miler Beauty Generation (NZ), a 5 yr old gelding, by Road to Rock (Aus) from Stylish Bel (AUS) by Bel Esprit (Aus), racing in Hong Kong. http://www.pedigreequery.com/beauty+generation

2017 Hong Kong Mile (HK-G1,1600m,Sha Tin)
2018 Silver Jubilee Cup (HK-G1,1400m,Sha Tin)
2017 Sha Tin Trophy (HK-G2,1600m,Sha Tin)
2017 Celebration Cup (HK-G3,1400m,Sha Tin)
2017 Hong Kong Jockey Club Mile (HK-G2,1600m,Sha Tin)

TBL was looking forward to such a pedigree where Bel Esprit features as a broodmare sire. He is the sire of wonder mare Black Caviar. She still makes for interesting reading to!



If you have cottoned on from TBL philosophy, he views the strains: female’s are keys and the tailoring to a superior genotype pedigree. (& whilst interesting to know inter-relational individuals, we attempt to connect (individually) more dots, more detail within the detail & ‘why’ individuals are thus ‘stamped’.

TBL focuses upon the influential broodmare sire/grandsire in both maternal and paternal which gets so very, very interesting as one scrutinizes not only the influence but an upgrading ‘shift’ when applied breeding is done thoughtfully, through these dynamics.

The maternal grandsire and the paternal grandam should be accorded just as much potential capacity to influence the end-product as the paternal grandsire an the maternal grandam. Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock analyst

Mindfully, this broodmare observation is well noted to long-in-the-tooth stud-breeders (of any stock).

When crunching Black Caviar (1-P)  & sire, Bel Esprit from the female family – ff.34, we felt there was a nick familiarity nick to the ff 1-P. It is not however to exclusively isolate these strains and saying that is IT. It is more of a correlation threading through.

I am one to thread the collective potent influences backstage and where they may or even should ‘strike’ as aim, where the genes may better re-sow.

Female family indexes are essential guides, & collectively like formulations, in their own right to uncover what-happened in branches past, as breeding evolutionary ‘growth’ provides an insight why continuing lines are so dominant (particularly 5-h, 2-d) but also why other lesser but as ‘bold’ lines explode ‘sudden’ to the scene.

Such are….evolutionary patterns! Once thoughtfully comprehended it does take somewhat complexity out of the equation!

Within the maternal pedigree of Stylish Bel…..When viewing great Australian performing sires – Vain → Wilkes (13 c) → Court Martial (1p), you have forces-of-nature of much: gene-pool influences and to seek where they peak upon mating.

Vain, the sensational sprinter

In such ways of analysis,  any, all, maternal bloodlines are equally sorted through dam’s siring bloodlines to comprehend her potential genetically. Has she peaked, peaking or declining……?

So we like to ‘think’  past influences can be re-visited, re-acquainted near as possible to the 5th remove infusions.

Take much detail in the pedigree, its template, rather than merely viewing upon the racing identity. It clarifies leading…. where, ff 13C reproduce upon itself, akin to a primary breeding nucleus. Of course…if you notice the 13 c family , as Mr Prospector bloodline but as will other branches are complementary. Again, we are figuring ‘type’ from long back to the present.

Is it this simple? Yes & no. It is a quick method-of-sorts to appreciate where the pedigree takes direction. Much micro-detail of course is uncovered beneath 7th remove, for it is a complete 7 generation cycle to infuse bloodlines.

It would be kinda interesting to take Beauty Generation’s dam, Stylish Bel, to Sacred Falls (NZ), standing at Waikato Stud.

Thoughts: ????

More good reading here:


http://www.adrianclark.co.nz/  whom worked the Beauty Generation mating.